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Game of Thrones fans asked us to value these 7 Castles – here’s what we came up with...

RIVERRUN, THERIVERLANDS Current Proprietor: House Tully Value: £25,350,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £6,337,500 Ruled by House Tully for a thousand years. LOAN In times of danger, flood the impenetrable moat for defence. • £19,012,500 Sandstone walls protect you from the nearby water. MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT Call on your bannermen in times of need (just don't count on the "Late" Lord Frey!) £81,514 How We Worked it Out Size: After consulting the WesterosCraft Map', we estimated Riverrun to be approximately 130,000 sq ft. Location: We placed Riverrun around Nottingham, as it features an ancient medieval castle and the whole city is built on a layer of sandstone. Properties in Nottingham cost around £195 per sq ft.? - meaning Riverrun would be valued at £25,350,000. DRAGONSTONE Current Proprietor: House Baratheon Value: £188,175,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £47,043,750 Built by the Targaryens on the face of an active volcano at the mouth of Blackwater Bay. LOAN • Towers carved into the shape of Dragons. • Includes rich deposits of Dragonglass (one of only two known materials that can kill White Walkers). £141,131,250 MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT Sell it to the North at a high price or equip the armies of the Seven Kingdoms to safeguard the future of the realm - the choice is yours. £605,086 How We Worked it Out Size: Using the WesterosCraft map as a guide, we worked out that Dragonstone was approximately 50% bigger than the Red Keep (which was 650,000 sq ft.), making Dragonstone around 975,000 sq ft. Location: Dragonstone is an island in the mouth of Blackwater Bay and we have previously aligned King's Landing to London. It would therefore make sense to align Blackwater Bay with the River Thames. Conveniently, there is an island called the Isle of Sheppey located in the Thames Estuary - so we can use this as a guide. Properties in the Isle of Sheppey area cost around £193 per sq ft.* - meaning Dragonstone would be valued at around £188 million. CASTERLY ROCK Current Proprietor: House Lannister Value: £8,000,000,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £2,000,000,000 • Stunning views over Lannisport and the Sunset Sea. LOAN • Contains one of the most productive gold mines in the world. £6,000,000,000 MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT • Enter through The Lion's Mouth' - a 200ft high stone cavern. • Remember to keep up your mortgage repayments - a Lannister always pays his debts! £25,724,377 How We Worked it Out Size: According to this infographic', Casterly Rock is approximately 50% taller and three times wider than the Empire State Building. This source claims the Empire State Building is worth £1.63 billion – therefore, Casterly Rock would be worth around £7.32 billion. Add in the fact that it is literally sitting on a goldmine, and we'd estimate the value of Casterly Rock to be around £8 billion. PYKE, THE IRON ISLANDS Current Proprietor: House Greyjoy Value: The Iron Price' DEPOSIT SUMMARY £N/A Opportunity to purchase the regional capital of the Iron Islands. LOAN • Great for fishing enthusiasts. but watch £N/A you don't hook a kraken! MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT • Other local pastimes include sailing & raiding neighbouring villages. Poor soil and next to no natural resources. £N/A How We Worked it Out We contacted House Greyjoy to enquire about a valuation, but were told we would have to pay The Iron Price'. Buyer Tip: Be cautious on the treacherous rope bridges connecting the towers! STORM'S END, STÔOR MLANDS Current Proprietor: House Baratheon Value: £118,560,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £29,640,000 • One of the strongest castles in all of Westeros. LOAN • Can withstand any siege - all you need is a faithful Onion Knight. £88,920,000 MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT • Defensive wall is 80ft thick and is rumoured to be protected by spells. £382,325 • Great sea-view... Just beware of the 150 ft drop! How We Worked it Out Size: The WesterosCraft map shows Storm's End is 4/5 as large as the Red Keep, which would make it approximately 520,000 square foot.? Location: In Chapter 31 of "A Clash of Kings", Storm's End is described as being located south of King's Landing and built upon high white cliffs overlooking the sea. This fits in perfectly with Dover, Kent. The white cliffs of Dover surround the coast of the sea, and medieval Dover Castle is significant in English military history. Properties in Dover cost around £228 per sq ft³ – meaning Storm's End would be valued at £118,560,000. THE OLD PALACE, SUNSPEAR Current Proprietor: House Martell Value: £1,129,000,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £282,250,000 • Excellent weather all year round. LOAN • Close by to the Water Gardens - perfect for a weekend getaway. £846,750,000 • 150 ft. tall Spear Tower - perfect for imprisoning enemies. MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT • Cleganes need not apply. £3,630,353 How We Worked it Out Size: Using the WesterosCraft map as a guide, we worked out that The Old Palace was two-thirds the size of The Red Keep, which was 650,000 sq ft. – making The Old Palace around 432,900 sq ft. Location: We naturally compared Dorne to Spain, and decided that Sunspear was the equivalent to Barcelona, as it is also based in the east and on the coast. Properties in Barcelona cost around £2,608 per sq ft.10 – meaning The Old Palace would be valued at £1.129 billion. HIGHGARDEN, THE REACH Current Proprietor: House Tyrell Value: £97,695,000 DEPOSIT SUMMARY £24,423,750 • Arguably the most beautiful castle in Westeros. LOAN • With 100,000 men, Highgarden has the largest population of the Seven Kingdoms. £73,271,250 • Regional capital of The Reach. MONTHLY RE-PAYMENT • Seemingly endless supplies of food. £314,143 How We Worked it Out Size: Using the WesterosCraft map, and comparing Highgarden to other properties in Westeros, we estimated it to be around 292,500 sq ft." Location: For the location, we settled on East Anglia, as this is the most fertile region for growing crops in the UK. Highgarden could be likened to Cambridge, a historic medieval city in East Anglia. Properties in Cambridge cost around £334 per sq ft." - meaning Highgarden would be valued at £97,965,000. Buyer Tip: A bit of light flirtation could land you a good deal with Mace Tyrell, though expect the "Queen of Thorns" Lady Olenna Tyrell to drive a hard bargain. *Assumes a 25% deposit and a 25 year repayment term at a rate of 2.1% Figures are just for fun. We would be delighted to help you find a mortgage to buy your dream home, be it a castle or a 3 bedroom semi. For real figures you can use our helpful calculators ( or see our best buys ( YOUR HOME OR PROPERTY MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. L&C London & Country Mortgages

Game of Thrones fans asked us to value these 7 Castles – here’s what we came up with...

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Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to buy a Game of Thrones castle in real life? Well, we did. So we went away and worked out how much we thought 7 Game of Thrones castles would be worth, b...


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