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HBO's Game of Thrones

HBO's Game of Thrones : Illustrated Guide to Houses & Character Relationships Engagement O Marriage * Friendship v Sexual Relationship V Admiration house LANNISTER Past Present Siblings o Servant Cause of Death V Threat / Rivalry Deceased Cut Off house BARATHEON house ARRYN JOANNA TYWIN KEVAN DORNA King's Small Council CO ROBERT CERSEI SER JAIME TYRION STANNIS Master of Ships GRAND MAESTER LORD PETYR BAELISH JON VARYS RENLY Hand of King Knight of the Kingsguard King "Little finger" Master of Coin PYCELLE Master of Master of Counselor, Healer Whis perers Laws house O LANCEL house house STARK TULLY TYRELL King's Squire JOFFREY MYRCELLA TOMMEN MACE ROBIN house TARGARYEN RICKARD HOSTER the Royal Court BENJEN Ranger LO RAS TYRELL Knight WILLAS GARLAN MARGAERY SANDOR CLEGANE SER GREGOR *the Hound" CLEGANE "The Mountain Chief Knight/ Bannerman Bodyguard BRANDON LYANNA "WYLLA" EDDARD CATELYN LYSA EDMURE "Ned" SER ILYN PAYNE Headsman SER BARRISTAN SELMY JANOS SLYNT Kingsguard Commander AERYS II *Mad King" Commander of the RHAELLA City Watch JON SNOW "bastard" house ROBB SANSA ARYA RICKON BRAN GREYJOY Ghost Gray Wind Lady Ny meria Summer Shaggy Dog BALON ELIA RHAEGAR VISERYS DAENERYS KHAL DROGO Dothraki Horselord JON UMBER "GreatJon" RODRIK SEPTA THEON GREYJOY Ward / hostage JORY MAESTER OLD NAN HODOR ASHA MARON RODRIK RHAENYS AEGON SER JORAH CASSEL MORDANE Captain of the Guard CASSEL LUWIN Nurse Servant MORMONT Bannerman Master Tutor Healer at Arms Source: Created by Magdalena Maslowska :*.............

HBO's Game of Thrones

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"Game of Thrones," a t.v show on HBO, can be very confusing with all the relationships, statuses and plots. This infographic provides a visual guide for the relationships and houses of "Game of Thrones."


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