Is Your Cat Planning Your Funeral?

A funny infographic to help you figure out if your cat is planning to off you any time soon.

10 Hilarious Tradesman Pranks to Pull on the Job

Jokes on the job are standard procedure for tradesmen during a hard day’s graft. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest safe-for-work pranks there are, so whether you’re an experienced tradesman looking for a practical joke to play, or if you’re an apprentice looking for tricks to avoid, we’ve got you covered below.

9 Email Marketing Tips from Your Favorite Monsters

It’s not easy to explain why we enjoy scary books and horror movies so much. Some say it’s because they are the products of curiosity and fascination. Others claim that they are a reflection of our societal fears. Either way, the genre has brought into the popular culture a great deal of truly amazing characters. We decided to reflect on some of all-time favorite horror stories to see how they can inspire email marketers.

If Hair Could Talk: The Secrets Behind Famous Hair

Your hair can say a lot about your personality. But what if your hair could literally talk? What secrets would the hairstyles of the famous and powerful have to share? Here's how we imagnie what some of our favorite characters' hair would tell us!
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The Funniest Names Owners Have Chosen for Their Racehorses

Racehorse owners are probably among the most creative people in the world when it comes to naming their horses. Just think about all the funny names they give their horses; forcing the track announcers to say all the weirdest stuff during the races. Take for example the name “DOREMIFASOLLATIDO”, followed up by a horse named “Aarrrrrrr”. Imagine the hilarity of the announcer saying those names! For a list of other funny racehorse names, check out this infographic from Horseland.
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The IT Dating Game

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Purely NOC: A CD Compilation of Hit Network Operations Center Songs

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The Godfather of IT

If there's one thing we all strive to be, it's the Godfather of IT. This enviable MSP would break free from break-fix, measure his KPIs carefully, and keep his family close, but his enemies closer. In a returning role of the decade, actor Brody Rhombus returns to the big screen, offering a first hand look at exactly how an MSP can grow from a simple break-fix shop to a powerful and influential MSP for all techs to look up to. Take a look at this exclusive trailer for "The Godfather or IT!"
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Funny Christmas Cards & Gifts - A Seasonal Infographic

In this infographic, we take a look at the Christmas cards and gifts market and introduce some fun facts about Christmas seasonal shopping. We also introduce our funny Christmas cards along with way.

Weird Inventions You Never Knew You Didn't Need

Ever wanted to cycle through water? Or perhaps you’re craving cuddles from a foam arm boyfriend (Who has no head…)? Maybe you just want to automate your cat’s slaughter of garden birds? If any of these possibilities are of interest, good for you... Go rethink your life. If not, then why not laugh at 29 very real inventions that tried to provide solutions to these dilemmas, as well as solve a collection of other wacky problems that probably didn’t need solving.


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