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Game Of Thrones House Flowers

GAME OF THRONES HOUSE FLOWERS MARIGOLD Calendula officinalis Type : Annual Appearance: These flowers come in several colors, though the most common range from yellow to deep HOUSE LANNISTER orange. O Blooming Seasons : Summer, Fall :Growing Conditions : Full sun in a warm spot Known for : Marigolds have a very strong, pungent scent, which is released when they are cut or brushed. 3379451 MM HEAR ME ROAR LUPINE Lupinus perennis Type : Perennial OAppearance: The lupine grows as tall spikes of pea-like flowers, clustered together. O Blooming Seasons : Summer HOUSE STARK Growing Conditions: Cooler temperatures and light soil Known for : The name of this flower means "wolf-like" and its roots contain bacteria that creates nitrogen, which the flower then uses as its own fertilizer. WINTER IS COMING BLACK-EYED SUSAN Rudbeckia hirta EType : Annual, Perennial HOUSE Appearance: These flowers can grow up to 4 feet high and produce long green leaves. BARATHEON O Blooming Seasons : Summer, Fall Growing Conditions : Full sun |Known for : Black-eyed Susans actively attract butterflies, birds, and bees. OURS IS THE FURY O0000 SNAPDRAGONS Antirrhinum majus A Type : Perennial O Appearance : The antirrbinum flower is commonly referred to as the "snapdragon." When this flower is squeezed laterally, it appears to resemble the face of a dragon opening and closing its mouth. HOUSE TARGARYEN Blooming Seasons : Spring, Summer Growing Conditions : Full sun and some water FIRE AND BLOOD Known for : Antirrhinum flowers are susceptible to many plant problems, including root rot, mold, wilt, downy mildew, and fungal leaf spots. IRIS CAESAR'S BROTHER Iris sibirica HOUSE FREY EType : Annual, Perennial Appearance: These flowers can grow up to 4 feet high and produce long green leaves. O Blooming Seasons : Summer, Fall : Growing Conditions : Full sun |Known for: The foliage of the iris takes on a sword-like. appearance. YELLOW ROSE Rosa amarela Type : Perennial OAppearance : Yellow roses are radially symmetrical, meaning that the petals are evenly distributed around the center of each flower. O Blooming Seasons : Mid-spring, Fall o: Growing Conditions : Roses experience the most growth in areas with full sun and rich, organic soil. Known for : Most modern types of yellow rose have disease resistance bred into them. HOUSE TYRELL GROWAC STRONG LOTUS Nelumbo nucifera A Type : Aquatic Perennial, HOUSE TULLY OAppearance: Tbese commonly white and pink flowers bloom with large, bright petals on the surface of the water they grow in. O Blooming Seasons : Summer * Growing Conditions : Lotus flowers grow best in shallow water and full sun. Known for : The lotus flower is one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism. The Buddhist mantra, "Om mane padme," refers to the jewel in the lotus as enlightenment. FAMILY DUTY HONOR BLUE HYDRANGEA Hydrangea macrophylla HOUSE O Type : Shrub OAppearance : High levels of acid in the soil give this hydrangea its blue color. Blooming Seasons: Summer, Fall ARRYN รถ Growing Conditions : Sun and well-drained acidic soil Known for : Peegee Hydrangeas contain as much as 4.06% rutin, which can be taken to alleviate recurring hypertension. AS HIGH AS HONOR LILY OF THE VALLEY Convallaria majalis HOUSE A Type : Perennial OAppearance : This flower features bell-shaped blooms which hang downward off of semi-pendulous stalks. Blooming Seasons : Late *: Spring Growing Conditions : Full shade, Partial shade, Moist soil GREYJOY. WEI Known for : The lily of the valley is known for being sweet smelling and extremely poisonous. SOW SOURCES : || ||| | KREMP FLORIST feel special

Game Of Thrones House Flowers

shared by Michaelson on May 22
Each of the main houses featured on Game of Thrones has a very unique set of characteristics which describe the inhabitants and the manner in which the house behaves. These traits transcend the world ...


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