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The Ins And Outs Of Motorcycle Clubs

THE INS AND OUTS OF MOTORCYCLE CLUBS THE AMERICAN MOTORCYCLIST ASSOCIATION (AMA) WAS FOUNDED IN 1924 THE AMA HAS THE AVERAGE MEMBER HAS 215,966 26 YEARS MEMBERS OF RIDING EXPERIENCE 95% MALE AVERAGE 48 AGE: 5% FEMALE IT CAN TAKE YEARS to make it from an associate to o prospect ond then to a "Full Potch Member." You can only receive your potch if your Charter gives you a unanimous vote. ONCE YOU CAN NO LONGER RIDE you can stoy o member of the club but you lose your voting rights. AMA TOTAL ANNUAL RIDING DISTANCE ON THE ROAD: 1.55 BILLION MILES That's ike driving to the moon and back 2,208 times THE GOOD, AND THE BAD 99 ER (NINETY-NINE PERCENTER) (ONE PERCENTER) 1% These are the law abiding club members. They consist of off duty biker first responders, pohice, firefighters, emts/paramedics, military personnel. They often wear a 99%er patch. If 99% of motorcycle riders are low abiding members of society, ER these are the other 1%. Outlows who advertise their status with a potch or tattoo, usually on a diamond shaped bock field. HOW TO IDENTIFY AN M.C. 3 PIECE PATCHES NGELS -TOP ROCKER This generally features the M.C.'s nome. HELLS COLORS M.C. BADGE The centre of the patch features the M.C.'s symbol. MC NEW M.C. stonds for Motorcycle Club. BOTTOM ROCKER EALAND This features the name of the chopter, area, or country that the M.C. member belongs to. THE 7 MOST NOTORIOUS 1% MOTORCYCLE CLUBS ANGELS 20,000+ MILES HELLS One of the requirements to maintain membership of M.C. Hells Angels is to drive a minimum of 20,000 miles a year. MONGOLS KANDIDOS MC NATION M.C. WARTUCKS VaGos Outlaus FOREVER ANARCHT SONS OF ANARCHY SONS OP A T.V. series about o fictional M.C. based in Redwood Colifornia. MEN MAYHEM The "Men of Mayhem" patch signifies that the member has shed blood on behalf of the club. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: HOUSTON sources ful/25 feoture-dont-emboross-hells-angels FoctsAndfigures.ospx ALENCE O SHOS

The Ins And Outs Of Motorcycle Clubs

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Motorcycle clubs are alive and well. If you like riding motorcycles, and ride them a lot, a motorcycle club would be a great fit for you. The average biker in a club like these, has an average of 26 y...


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