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Fastest Production Motorcycles... and how to help your bike keep up

FASTEST PRODUCTION MOTORCYCLES ...and how to help your bike keep up 194 MPH DID YOU KNOW? 230- 220- In 2001, European and Japanese manufacturers agreed upon electronically limiting the top-speed of their motorbikes to 210- 186 mph. Although there are manufacturers that aren't bound by said agreement, most production motorbikes nowadays 200- have top-speeds equal to or under mentioned limit. 2013 Hayabusa 170 MPH 190- 125 MPH 180- 1990 Bimoto 170- 160- 1954 Vincent Black Shadow 100 MPH 150 – 140- 1940 Brough Superior F 130 – 120- 85 MPH 110- 100 - 1917 Cyclone 90 - 80- 30 MPH 70- 60- 1901 Werner 50- 40- 30- 20 - 10- 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 NOW FUTURE? YEAR FASTEST PRODUCTION: FASTEST RECORDED MOTORCYCLE MOTORCYCLE 195MPH 376MPH MV AGUSTA F4 1100 CC TOP 1 ACK ATTACK TOPE OPARTS TO MODIFY OR REPLACE TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE 3. O AIR FILTER At its most basic level, an engine is an air pump. More air entering the engine increases the efficiency of the combustion process creating more horsepower and torque. Horsepower is a measure of the engine's maximum power while torque measures how quickly you can accelerate. Aftermarket airfilters are designed to increase engine performance in both horsepower and throttle response by reducing air flow restriction. 2 EXHAUST Performance exhausts are all considerably lighter than the stock exhaust they replace, for those wanting to trim the weight of their machine this is a good thing. Some materials will result in greater weight saving than others, carbon fiber exhaust being particularly light but there are several types to choose from. If you're planning on racing your bike then performance increases and weight saving will certainly be on your shopping list. As a benchmark you can expect a muffler swap to produce around a 5% increase in your bike's power output. A full system with improved air filter and fueling could exceed a 10% increase. 3 SPROCKETS Most sprockets are made from either steel or aluminum, or maybe even a mix of the two. Steel sprockets are generally less expensive, and better for longevity. Counter shaft sprockets are often made of steel; they need to be durable and their small-size means weight is usually not an issue. The best steel sprockets use hardened and heat-treated steel. Sprockets made of aluminum are significantly lighter, but have a shorter life span, and are more expensive than steel. 4 CHAINS When changing your sprockets due to wear, you will also need to replace your chain. The chain and sprocket relationship is best when the two wear together. Mixing an old chain with a new sprocket - or vice versa- will shorten the life of either. Not a good idea. And if you make a big change in sprocket size, you may need a shorter or longer chain. You might be tempted to save a few bucks by buying a cheap chain or sprockets. Don't! We recommend that you get the best quality chain you can afford. The chain is critical to the proper functioning of your motorcycle. Replacing the chain is a difficult job that you should only have to do every 16- 20,000 miles/km. A cheap chain or sprockets may only last a couple thousand miles/km. It's better to do it right the first time and avoid the trouble and expense in the long run. 5TIRES What is the best tire? First we need to realize that all tires are a compromise; primarily, a compromise between mileage, wear, slow-speed handling and high-speed handling. The answer to this question is also extremely suggestive and depends a lot on you. Whether you're an amateur, pro or recreational rider we stock the tires that match your riding style. From ATV to sport bike, street or mud, Chaparral is your one-stop motorsports shop. Since we buy our tires in bulk we receive discounts from the manufacturer and pass along the savings to you. We pride ourselves in having some of the best prices in motorsports. If you're looking for the cheapest tire chances are you'll find it here at Chaparal Motorsports and our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the best tires for your bike. TIRE SPEED RATINGS 149+ Tire Facts: • Although wide tires are all the rage now, narrower tires handle better under most real world conditions. 149 • Tires leak out some of their pressure directly through the rubber compound of the tire each and every day, very slowly. Check your tire pressure before you ride. • Motorcycle tires should not be used after five years from date of manufacture. 130 - 112 - 94 87 - 62 SPECIAL NOTE: TIRES WITH A 2" TO 2.5" NOMINAL SECTION WIDTH (IE CHOPPERS) ARE RATED AT 75 MPH. Parts Available at Chaparral Motorsports 555 S. H Street San Bernardino, CA 92410 AAPARRAD MOTORSPORTS Sources:,,,,,,, TOP SPEED (MPH)

Fastest Production Motorcycles... and how to help your bike keep up

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Fastest Production Motorcycles... and how to help your bike keep up. Learn who makes the fastest bike and discover the top five parts you should modify or replace to improve the performance of your motorcycle.


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