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The Anatomy of a Motorbike

The Anatomy of a MOTORBIKE ENGINE BRAKES CHASSIS BATTERY . TRANSMISSION WHEELS Motorbike Facts JES The current successful The world's most esteemed Moto GP racer is Giacomo Agostini with 15 wins over nine years in two different speed categories The most renowned world motorcycle land speed record is held by Rocky Robinson who reached 376.363mph motorcycle brands include: Yamaha • Honda • Ducati • • Harley Davidson • • Kawasaki • Suzuki • • Triumph • BMW . (605.697km/h) Chassis FRAME • Frames are generally constructed using steel, aluminium or an alloy based metal • The frame serves as a skeleton for the engine and gearbox, to be mounted to • It is used to align both the front and rear wheels to improve handling whilst riding • SUSPENSION • Built using heavy duty springs and shock absorbers to keep the wheels flush to the road FORK • • The front wheel and axle is mounted on a fork with internal shock absorbers and springs • Protects the rider from the impact of bumps and jolts • Assists the suspension to take on the brunt force of impact on the road Battery • The battery routes power to the engine and other electrical functions of the motorcycle • Batteries will vary depending on make and model • In most motorbikes the battery is located under the rider's seat • Remember to charge your battery regularly to keep its power output healthy Engine The engine creates the drive of a motorcycle using a mix of fuel-air combustion • CRANKSHAFT • VALVE TRAIN The pistons are powered by a fuel-air mixture explosion, ignited by a series of sparks PISTON •CYLINDER The kinetic energy of the pistons is then transferred to a crankshaft The crankshaft then passes onto the rear wheel by the transmission Transmission • The transmission delivers power to the rear wheel, producing drive The transmission is controlled using gears, the clutch and a drive system CRANKSHAFT • • Transmissions on motorbikes tend to have four to six gears to increase or decrease travel speed • The clutch is used to disengage power from the transmission and change gear • When the clutch is replaced, drive is restored to the transmission to continue travelling • GEARS Wheels Motorcycle wheels are generally made using alu- minium or steel rims with internal spokes • The wheel's tyres provide grip and traction with the road Tyres come in a variety of designs to ride safely across different terrain and weather conditions Brakes • CALIPER • Motorcycles feature a front and rear wheel brake The right hand grip houses the front brake lever and the right foot holder houses the rear brake • PISTON • Modern stopping systems use hydraulic pres- sure systems for improved brakes ROTOR • With intense pressure, brake pads squeeze between the brake disc and wheel to slow the bike down HUB BLUE Box Batteries ABOUT BLUE BOX BATTERIES Blue Box Batteries are specialist providers of battery power solutions, designed for a wide range of commercial and domestic uses. With a broad supply of products and an expert support team, the company have positioned themselves as a trusted distributor in the British battery market. REFERENCES 1. 2. 3.

The Anatomy of a Motorbike

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Learn about the core components that make up the powerful machine that is the motorbike.


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