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7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident

7 Potholes That Can Wreck 12MILLION MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS KY more than IN THE US EVERY YEAR 147,000 per year YOUR KENTUCKY ACCIDENT CASE Accidents REPRESENTING YOURSELF HIRING AN ATTORNEY VERSUS of all money paid by insurance companies, 21 to unrepresented accident victims [INSURANCE [ROAD-BLOCK of all money paid by insurance companies 79 is paid to accident victims who have an attorney 53% Do not use an attorney 47% Use an attorney Average Settlement Amount Paid by the Insurance Company to Injured Accident Victims Claims under $15.000 Although the insurance adjuster may be friendly I their job is to give you the least amount for your claim. > Your attorney is someone who is on your side, that understands the process, and will fight for you. $7,450 A Insurance agents will often tell accident victims that they shouldn't hire an attorney because they will receive less money in settlement. An attorney offering a free consultation can help you determine the best options that are in your favor. Represented by an Attorney $3,464 Insurance agents are trained to get statements that will be used to manipulate and lower your claim. An attorney does a lot for you behind the scene and takes the burden of dealing with the insurance company off of your shoulders so you can concentrate on getting well. Seif-Represented A Insurance agents will delay paying your claim in hopes of wearing you down to take less than what your claim is worth. 115% increased likelihood for a better settlement. lource the A-tate inurance Company Unepreserted Segmert ing Monu 1630. My 195 7 POTHOLES TO AVOID POTHOLE Giving Statements Signing Any Papers, NO1 Or Accepting Insurance Estimates Or Offers Of Settlement Without Obtaining Legal Advice POTHOLE Not Documenting POTHOLE Not Being Completely Honest With Your RED Everything That OO a Happens After The Accident NO6 Attorney Or Not Cooperating Fully BLUE POTHOLE Not Taking Immediate POTHOLE Exaggerating Your Injuries NO7 or Dishonesty POTHOLE Not Seeking POTHOLE Not Hiring Immediate NOQ Medical Treatment Or Cooperating Fully An Attorney Or Hiring The Wrong Attorney NO1 Action At The Accident Scene With Your Doctor 8 STEPS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD Step 1 Check lor injuries Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 See your doctor Step 3 Step 8 e Step 2 Report the accident Don't move your car Watch what you say Exchange Insurance Take pictures See your lawyer You should cal the Moke sure you. your loved ones. and anyone ese are not hurt Law requires that the driver of any vehicle involved in an occident must stop Even if you teel you are to blame, only tell what happened Ask the other driver for their insurance information A picture is worth 1000 words VERY IMPORTANT Seek legal advice so you kow what your IT there is a chance you legal rights are were injured. it is critical An experienced lawyer poice to report the accident Everyone is entitled to this information Try to take pictures of that you immediately the damage to the other car. This maybe critical to the outcome of your case Do not interpret or guess It is important that the poice speak to the witnesses and the at-fault party for court credibitity will fight for your best it someone is hurt CALL 911 The poice officer will determine who is at foult go to the emergency room or see your doctor interest unike adjusters IMPORTANT * you don't stop, you Could be chorged with "Fil and Run" or "Leaving ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH "Statute of Limitations" You oniy have a certan amount of tirne to settie your case or fie a kawsut. In Kentucky this fime is two (2) years trom the date of the accident or Iwo 12) years from the date of the last medical no faut payment k made not to exceed four (4) yean the Scene of the accident" Timeline IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACCIDENT BEFORE YOUR LEAVE THE ACCIDENT SCENE CASE CLOSED SHEDDING LIGHT ON AUTO ACCIDENT MISCONCEPTIONS MYTHS REALITY X Iam getting a windfall or the court system is a lottery. V Auto accidents cause serious injuries to innocent victims. X The insurance company will give me a reasonable offer if I just call them or write them a letter, V The insurance companies are motivated to convince you to accept a low-ball offer to settle your case. X I have to give the insurance company a recorded statement. V There is no requirement that you give the insurance company a statement after you have been in an accident. X The insurance company of the driver that hit me has to pay my medical bills as I send the bils to them. V Although the at-fault insurance company will eventually have to pay the majority of these medical bills, they do not have to pay them immediately. X Ifi go to court and tell my story, the jury will give me a reasonable verdict. V Juries will hear the evidence presented, deliberate and detemine a dollar value for your pain and suffering that you will have to live with X Kentucky juries are generous. X All lawyers that advertise are the same. X All lawyers charge the same fee. V You need to do your homework and choose the lawyer that is right for you and your case. X Since I was in an auto accident that wasn't my fault, there is an insurance company that will pay my medical bills. lost wages and pain and suffering. V There are no set fees that must be charged in auto accident cases. V It is your responsibility to have automobile insurance coverage that will financially protect you and your family. Addional Sources: The Al-State insurance Company Unrepresented Segment Training Manual, 15-30. July 1995 An intemal document relecsed by the Irsurance Research Council [Auto Injury Insurance Clams: Countrywide Potterns in Treatment Cost and Cormpersation Malvem, PA: Dec 2003] The Schafer Law Office Designed by FOR MORE INFORMATION

7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident

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Many of the people have not followed steps to protect their case and have fallen into many of the potholes that will make it more difficult to have successful results in their case. This infographic s...


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