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Carland: A Century of Motorin in America

ON DRIVING Automobile History 1984 1908 1984 Ford Model T introduced (21 mpg). FIRST MANDATORY SEAT BELT LAW Sammy Hagar releases "I Can't Drive 55." START 1990 1982 1990 CLEAN AIR ACT 1911 Knight Rider premiers on NBC. Amended to reduce air pollution. First Indy 500 race takes place on Memorial Day. CARLAND 1981 The Clean Air Act 1992 requires the EPA to set limits on air pollutants emitted from the tailpipes of new motor vehicles. States with higher air pollution must use oxygenated gasoline. DeLorean DMC-12 is first sold. 1912 First civilian Traffic signals introduced. version of the Humvee (10 mpg). 1996 A century of motoring in America. Provides funding to states for the construction of two-lane interstate highways. LEADED 1980 GASOLINE BANNED 1997 GM offers EV1 electric car for lease. 1975 1920 Catalytic converter becomes standard to reduce car emissions. 1920 2000 Travel trailers, a 1974 predecessor to mobile homes, are introduced. Cadillac Ranch = 1 million barrels of gasoline used per day in the United States. 1921 opens in Amarillo, TX. FEDERAL-AID 2000 HIGHWAY ACT The first car phone | weighed go pounds and ran off a car battery. First car GPS system patented. 1973 First environmental 1955 1956 Oil Crisis! Originally called a Cigar Lighter Receptacle, since it was intended to be used i for cigars, not cigarettes. law in the U.S. to include a provision Lose a turn. 1950 FEDERAL-AID James Dean dies in car accident in California. 1956 HIGHWAY ACT for citizen lawsuits. To ensure troop deployment in an emergency. First car phone released in Stockholm. 2001 Toyota Prius first sold in the U.S. (46 mpg). 1926 1948 R.I.P. Super Car Power Car cigarette lighters introduced. windows invented. 1970 CLEAN AIR ACT EXTENSION Bush Administration cancels federal program to design fuel-efficent "super car" after 5 years and more than $a billion of federal money spent on research. 1940 Willys Jeep Wagon was replaced by the Jeep Wagoneer in 1965. 1948 First car air- conditioning. 1945 In-N-Out 1940 opens the first drive-through. Cruise control invented. California opens its first freeway. 1960 1970 2003 1946 In 2005, Americans spent 19 cents out of every dollar earned on transportation. GM cancels all EVI leases. Jeep introduces the first SUV. 1930 1940 The Dymaxion could transport up to 11 passengers at speeds as high as 120 mph. 2005 The Motorola model ST71, originally sold for between S110 and S130. 1963 Average fuel efficiency of a new car is 17.2 mpg. CLEAN 2008 AIR ACT 1968 First enacted. 1933 Dymaxion car designed by Buckminster Fuller (30 mpg). 1935 aroduced. 1965 1930 1932 1933 First drive-in theater opens. Lead becomes a fuel additive in the U.S. to improve gas mileage. Ralph Nader publishes First parking meter. First car radio. Unsafe at Any Speed. SOURCES Energy Information Administration CREDITS Coleen Corcoran and Joe Prichard

Carland: A Century of Motorin in America

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This infographic provides information of the history of cars, highways, accidents and other motor related information in the U.S. The timeline provides general information on motoring in the United St...


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