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Automobiles and Insurance

AutoMObILes and NSUraNce COLLISION COVERAGE COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE LIABILITY COOVERAGE THIS IS ALSO KNOWN AS BODILY INJURY THIS IS A TYPE OF COVERAGE THAT PAYS FOR DAMAGES THAT WERE THE RESULT OF AN THIS COVERAGE PAYS FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE A COLLISION WITH ANOTHER VEHICLE. AND PROPERTY DAMAGE COVERAGE. LIABILITY COVERAGE WILL COVER MEDICAL ACCIDENT WITH ANOTHER VEHICLE OR AN EXPENSES FOR PASSENGERS IN ANOTHER OBJECT. DAMAGE CAN INCLUDE FIRE, THEFT OR EVEN IF THE DRIVER HITS A PARTYING VEHICLE AS WELL AS THE PASSENGERS IN AN INDIVIDUAL'S OWN VEHICLE WHEN POLAR BEAR. THERE IS AN ACCIDENT. Hey, this isn't the Oatmeal CITIES WITH THE HIGHEST FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE (LIABILITY, COLLISION, AND COMPREHENSIVE) #5. N/A Hempstead, New York $2,764 #1. "Motor City" Detroit, Michigan $5,162 Get directions - Seaech neaty Zocm here - Save to My Maps - Send WA MT ND Get directions - Search nearty Zoom here - Save to My Maps - Send OR MN # 4. "LA." Los Angeles, California $3,027 # 3. "The Brick City" Newark, New Jersey $3,779 SD NY MA WY MI NE IA PA Get.dicections - Search.cearty Zoom here Save to My Macs Send IL IN он A DE Get directions - Search nearty Zoom here - Save to My Maps - Send Co KS мо ? VA KY NC AZ TN OK #2. "Philly" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $3,779 AR NM SC MS AL GA TX Get directions - Seacch nearty Zoom here - Save to My Macs - Send FL Top 5 Lies told to Insurance Companies CAR INSURANCE COMPANIES LOST ABOUT 15.9 BILLION IN 2008 FROM WHAT IT CALLS "PREMIUM LEAKAGE" – MEANING LOSS OF REVENUE DUE TO THE INABILITY OF INSURERS TO KEEP TRACK OF CHANGES IN CUSTOMERS' SITUATIONS THAT AFFECT PRICES. THE NUMBER REPRESENTS ALMOST 10 PERCENT OF THE TOTAL $167 BILLION IN PERSONAL AUTO PREMIUM WRITTEN. UNDER-ESTIMATING THE # OF MILES DRIVEN IN A YEAR. $3 BILLION CLAIMING DISCOUNTS THAT NO 19% $29 BILLION 29% LONGER APPLY "FORGETTING" TO REPORT ALL THE DRIVERS IN $2.6 BILLION THE HOUSEHOLD. MISSTATING HOW THE CAR IS USED $15 BILLION 8% 18% 10% LYING ABOUT THE GARAGE $13 BILLION 16% OTHER LIES $4.6 BILLION There have been roughly 1,800 car manufacturers in the US up until the 1980's where the 3 largest companies (with considerable sales) were left, being called "The Big Three": GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Toyota is currently the number 5 top grossing company in the world, being the only automotive manufacturer in the top 10. Toyota produced over 7 million vehicles in 2009. 1980's Z009 FUTURE How did I get here? Jord winner crelativety GM LOSER General motors was the top selling car manufacturer for 77 years until 2008, when toyota passed them. GM is now ranked at number 38. More Bars in More Places. (Total Number of automobiles registered as of 2006 was 250,029,874) 135,399,945 Cars 99,124,775 SUV and Pick-up 6,686,247 Motorcycles 6,649,337 2 Axle 6 Wheel Vehicles ("Dually"s, Firetrucks, etC.) 2,169,670 Transport Trucks NOT THRU Gas PRICES tHE YEARS CTREET Year Year Year Year Year Year 1969 1976 1981 1998 2008 2010 Price Price $0.35 % $0.60% $1.35 $1.02 $4.02 $2.84 GAS $0.03/Mile $04/Mile $0.07/Mile $0.05/Mile $0.18/Mile $0.12/Mile or or or or or or 36.00 Miles/Dollar 24.50 Miles/Dollar 15.11 Miles/Dollar 21.47 Miles/Dollar 5.57 Miles/Dollar 8.52 Miles/Dollar (Gas pumps equal price per mile, bigger equals more expensive) Sources: http://www.

Automobiles and Insurance

shared by maggie on Apr 01
If you own a car you must have auto insurance in the United States. This infographic looks at the different insurance plans you can get and what they each mean. Read on for more auto insurance information.


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