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How a Smartphone Improves Your Life

HOW A SMARTPHONE IMPROVES YOUR LIFE 04 44 SMARTPHONES Smartphones are much more than just emails and telephone calls. There are a variety of applications available that can improve your business and your life. WITH A SMARTPHONE WITHOUT A SMARTPHONE 56% of smartphone users start their day by checking local weather conditions on their phones. Those without smartphones must rely on TV and radio reports which are general and sporadic. WEATHER Kingsview MS 30.2 Thu 35/230 Mostly cloudy, Hichs in the mid 30s. Wost winchs S te 10 mph MAP Must rely on outdated phonebook listings and unreliable directions from store clerks and other strangers. FINDING 84% check store hours and locations, STORES 82% search for retailers online. A calendar app is one of the most useful apps you can have. MONTH Can't coordinate multiple people's calendars automatically and must manually coordinate schedules by phone or e-mail. CALENDARS Sync your calendar with your schedule and contacts, MONTH $$$$$$$$$$ 40% use their smartphone for PRICE Can't make emergency purchases on the go. Also, comparing prices when you're away from your computer is nearly impossible unless you plan on driving from store to store. comparing prices while shopping. COMPARISONS 30% use deal-of-the-day and mobile barcode scanning for price comparisons. 41%. made a direct purchase using their smartphone. Smartphones can alert commuters to traffic jams and suggest altemate Find out about traffic jams via car radio, often when it's already routes. too late, CHECKING ALERT TRAFFIC 83% of smartphone owners said they had played at least one mobile game in the past week, Forced to play primitive versions of Tetris and Snake, or even worse, use their imagination. Games 65% ENTERTAINMENT Music 46% Social Networking 54% News Weather 56% Search 55% Smartphones and social media have created a new response in emergency situations. EMERGENCIES People are increasingly connected in disasters. Even FEMA is using social media in its disaster planning. Forced to rely on existing contacts or a phonebook to find information in emergency situations. Smartphones can be a life saver in emergencies, whether you need a tow truck number, hospital location or CPR instructions. Smartphones have become increasingly useful in travel planning. 18% booked air travel /0 or lodging. FLIGHT CANCELLED FLIGHT CANCELLED FLIGHT CANCELLED TRAVEL FLIGHT CANCELLED 46% searched for Vacations never go exactiy as planned. Without a smartphone, you won't be able to update travel accomodations on the go. flight updates, 29% or hotel rates. compared airfares If you don't have to memorize every little mundane detail, your brain is free to think about the important things. Get a smartphone.

How a Smartphone Improves Your Life

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The increasing popularity of affordable prepaid smartphones is evidence that smartphones are becoming less of a luxury and more of a bare necessity. Once thought of as a fancy gadget for playing games...




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