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How Google Search Works - Nova Execute! Award for Venturers and Sea Scouts

INSIDE THE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE How Search works 'Google uses software known as web crawlers to discover publicly available webpages. Before a user searches, web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of webpages and organize it in the Search index.' How web crawlers work '"Web crawlers look at webpages and follow links on those pages, much like you would if you were browsing content on the web. These web crawlers go from link to link and bring data about those webpages back to Google's servers.' How Search index works "When web crawlers find a webpage, Google renders the content of the page, just as a browser does. Search index is like the index in the back of a book – with an entry for every word seen on every webpage we index. When Google indexes a webpage, they add it to the entries for all of the words it contains.' How big is Search index 'The Google Search index contains hundreds of billions of webpages and is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size.' How Search alogrithms work 'Google ranking systems sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in their Search index to find the most relevant, useful results in a fraction of a second, and present them in a way that helps users find what their looking for. These ranking systems are made up of not one, but a whole series of algorithms.' How Search changes 'Google handles trillions of searches each year. Every day, 15% of the queries that they process are ones that they've never seen before. Building Search algorithms that can serve the most useful results for all these queries is a complex challenge that requires ongoing quality testing and investment.' Counselor: Michael Walsh Council: Aloha Council Award: Execute! Nova Award for Venturers and Sea Scouts Requirement: 3(e)(2) Credit: "How Search Works"

How Google Search Works - Nova Execute! Award for Venturers and Sea Scouts

shared by rubalkhali on May 31
This infographic can be used to help Venturers and Sea Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America fulfill Requirement 3(e)(2) of the Nova Execute! Award. The content is drawn from "How Search Works" by Google.


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