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The Dark Side of Success: Google in the Courtroom

Ɔoogls GOOGLE: A View from the Dark Side Class-actions to civil suits to government prosecutions keep Google's army of lawyers busy as well as outside counsel. Who dares to take on the Goliath of Internet Search? ORACLE Google has been sued by just about PayPal every different entity type on the planet: from huge multinational corporations Ddm Microsoft The McGraw-Hill Companies to countries to individuals. AFP Google A few samples: Company Sued Google for: PayPal, eBay's payment arm PayPal Theft of trade secrets and breach of contract, the same day Google Wallet is introduced. (May 2011) NHN Corporation and Daum Communications (Two of South Korea's Ddm Antitrust complaint for allegedly forcing smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and apps on Android phones. (April 2011) biggest Internet companies) Antitrust suit / unfair competition (before the European Union's Competition). (March 2011) Microsoft Microsoft Skyhook SKYHOOK Business interference and patent infringement. (Sep. 2010) WIRELESS Oracle ORACLE' Android phone software allegedly infringes Oracle patents and copyrights related to Java. (Aug. 2010) Microsoft Microsoft Competitive hire and breach of contract. (July 2005) Agence France Presse (AFP) Google News unlawfully incorporated photographs, headlines and excerpts from the beginning of articles. (March 2005) AFP Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) Trademark infringement in Google's AdWords. (May 2004) GEICO Bizarre lawsuits A California woman, sued Google A Japanese woman sued Google for showing her private items after images of her underwear appeared on Street View. December, 2010 Shooting victim sues Google over search results on his name alleging it branded him a crook and a member of Melbourne's underworld. for damages after she was hit by a car while following directions provided by Google Maps on her cell phone May , 2010 November, 2009 When a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court, this is called a class-action lawsuit. Class-Action Lawsuits against Google • Copyright Infringement • AdSense Related • Overcharging Advertisers • Trademark Infringement • Tampering a Site's Ranking and Inappropriate Search Results Google • Click Fraud • Patent Breach • One-line • Subpoenas • Other Individual authors and book publishers organizations sued Google for Google agreed to a Photography and graphic arts organizations and individuals sued Google for displaying $90 million-settlement forgery. They say Google digitally copyrighted images in books scanned thousands of books without permission. fund in the class-action lawsuit over click fraud filed by Lane's Gifts & Collectibles (March 8, 2006). it scans, without fairly compensating the people who created the images. Dozens of countries have launched investigations into Google Street View. Some of them have imposed sanctions such as: banning Street View cars. • bannning Street View car plates. • cease collecting Wi-Fi data. Google • deleting private data. • lowering the height of the cameras. • halting Street View operations. • blurring faces. Several countries are considering sanctions to Google for collecting personal data from Wi-Fi networks. Google Street View ceased operations in some of these countries. Under federal and state laws, Google may be both civilly and criminally liable for the unauthorized capture of data from private Wi-Fi networks and may also be liable for deceiving consumers and violating individuals' privacy. 0000 One in Four Countries Block Some Google Services Google's services have been blocked or censored to some degree in 25 of the 100 where it operates. Most EU Countries Russia South Kořea United States VTurkey Armenia China FJapan Syria Hsrael Iran Libya Egypt Pakistan Bangladesh Mexico India Hong Kong Sudan Panama Vietņam Thailand Brazil Chile Australia Argentina Some of the countries that blocked Google (from search and Blogger to YouTube and Google Docs). Countries that Countries that requested or required a significant number of restrictions (July to December 2010). Google regularly receives requests from government agencies and federal courts around the world to remove content from its services and hand over user data. Sources 1 street-view-unsecured-wi-fi-systems-personal-data SEJ ESASNE SEARCH ENGINE

The Dark Side of Success: Google in the Courtroom

shared by NerdCore44 on Aug 24
The more successful you become, the bigger your legal team needs to be. Or so it seems. Competitors, ex-employees and nut jobs all want a piece of the action. And if it’s not them, it’s the govern...


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