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Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Bē De e in MM The o Do's & Don'ts of SOCIAL MEDIA Bê as O in O S AV a g+ne in DO Use as a controversational pathway this is nat an advertisement or newsletter, thisis a way to creat direct engagement with the consumer + Build a strong social network - who will share your content + Be engaging - post and communicate on a regular basis Use SM as a way to research about your competitors and your industry in general - "listen in" on conversations related to your brand on all SM sites to gain profitable insight + Define yourtarget market and how they will create value to your brand + Be a good listener and respond to feedback respectfully and in a timely manner + Create a monthly calendar for scheduling out posts Embrace some negativity from your audience - stu dies show that a little negati vity on a SM site is + Appeal to consumers with image- + Keep mesages consistent with the brand - show brand personality centric content seen as credible DON'T - Use generic and bland marketing techniques - make it in dividual and unique to your brand - Use social media to overtly sell instead use to educate, inform, and entertain to show expertise in the field - Rely on only one SM application - all sites have strengths and weaknesses, leverage and apat each site's Overwhelm followers with too much information at once - choose only high value content to share Be negative - no one likes a naysayer, empha size your strengths instead of putting down your competitors SO, HOW OFTEN SHOULD I POST? Several times a day. Spaced out is okay be cause Twitter stream can fly off your screen so fast One or two times a day is sufficient, otherwise you will overwhelm your followers; every other day tends to get the most interaction in Post enough to remain active, but it's not expected that you be posting constantly

Social Media Do's and Don'ts

shared by MMAustin on Dec 26
In 2013, we’ve seen a lot of big companies make crucial mistakes when it comes to social media. So how do manage your brand wisely? Marketing Matters created a collection of our best advice for mana...


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