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The Evolution of the Selfie-Obsessed Generation

EVOLUTION OF THE SELFIE-OBSESSED GENERATION Although many people might believe the selfie was invented just a short time ago, it's actually had a long and fruitful past. Here, we glimpse into the history of the selfie and examine how its landscape looks today. SELFIES THROUGHOUT TIME (1) VINCENT VAN GOGH-STYLE (2) POLAROID CAMERA SELF PORTRAIT Sure, you could see your selfie almost instantly, but a careless Self portraits were the first form of selfies, but thumb could ruin the pic forever. for some reason, Van Gogh always left off that second ear. (3) DISPOSABLE CAMERA The only thing worse than waiting 3 days to get your selfie back was finding out you only got a picture of the top of your head. 4) FLIP PHONE (5) WEBCAM WONDERS With a lens no wider than The first webcams were great for 1 millimeter, you needed selfies, but with 100 dpi 16-foot-long arms to take resolution, your selfie looked a perfect selfie. more like an 8-bit video game. (1 INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, & EVERYTHING ELSE (6 FRONT-FACING CAMERA This device ushered in the golden age of the selfie; let the narcissism commence! These tools are the foundation of the selfie-involved generation, ensuring that the selfie is here to stay. Let's just hope duckface isn't a permanent condition. SELFIE ESTEEM | MODERN-DAY SELFIES SLEEPING SUNSET SELFIE SELFIE Yeah. You live by the beach and get to experience the most gorgeous How peaceful. sunsets every night. Go ahead and You somehow rub it in. #beachbum #nofilter took a picture of yourself while THE DUCKFACE SELFIE unconscious. Just keep it classic. Pucker those lips, Totally believable. and pretend you're a Kardashian. #sweetdreams @ogselfie MUSCLE-MAN DRESSING SELFIE ROOM SELFIE We get it: You're buff. Hey everyone, ckeck But we have better stuff to out this awesome new do than spend 6 hours a day in the outfit I can't afford to buy! gym. #protein4days #gettingswoll #thestruggleisreal #wishlist SICK DISTRACTED SELFIE DRIVING Not feeling well. :( SELFIE Weird, because you Instead of posting to Instagram, you should be focused on more apparently feel well enough to get the doctor to pose with Can Fatn important things, like not hitting the station wagon in front of you. #safetyfirst #donttellmyinsurance you for a photo. Fresb-Selfie #tellmetofeelbetter MIRROR SELFIE FOODIE SELFIE NO-MAKEUP SELFIE Oh, what a coincidence. There is a mirror behind me, The world is dying to know You just woke up, and your what you put on your first instinct is to take a and you can see my rearview. hamburger. Please, don't selfie. Sounds like someone I totally didn't mean to do keep us in suspense! #nocheese #paleodiet needs more friends. that ;-) #reflectionproblems #tellmeimpretty #attentionseeker PREGNANT SELFIE A tell-tale sign you're getting older: All your friends are posting pregnant pictures instead of party pics. #readytopop #preggers Source: Marketo

The Evolution of the Selfie-Obsessed Generation

shared by Marketo on Jan 15
Check out this fun infographic to learn all about the evolution of the selfie, then delve deeper into today’s selfie-obsessed world with some of the hottest, most sought-after selfie formats. #selfi...


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