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How Astronauts Use Velcro in Space

HOW ASTRONAUTS USE VELCRO IN SPACE SPACE SUITS: Because space suits are so big and bulky, it's difficult for astronauts to get in and out of them. So, Velcro is placed along the back opening of the space suit to make sure that it's closed properly. Zero gravity means that astronauts spend a lot of their time floating around in the space shuttle. But for certain activities or experiments they may need to stay upright. So, sometimes they attach Velcro to their boots or socks to stick themselves to the ground. Lastly, astronauts stick one side of a piece of Velcro on the inside of their helmets to scratch their noses. TO STOP STUFF FLOATING AWAY: FOOD & GAMES TOILETRIES ESSENTIALS A, Astronauts wouldn't want their equipment floating away now would they? The use of Velcro in space to keep essentials such as equipment or cue cards in place encouraged the myth that NASA invented Velcro. All food is strapped down. Astronauts take.a few toiletries into space such as a comb or toothbrush. Women are allowed to take a few makeup items too. These usually go in bags with Velcro straps to keep them in place. Plus, astronauts use Velcro for games, to stop the pieces floating off. They stick. it to the bottom of chess or Scrabble pieces for example. MORE INTERESTING FACTS: SPACE IS SILENT THE LARGEST ASTEROID The largest ever asteroid recorded measured a humongous 600 miles in diameter. The surface area of this asteroid, called Ceres, is equal to that of the land area of Argentina or India. For this reason it has been debated whether it should instead be called a dwarf planet. All of space is silent at all times. This is because sound requires a medium to travel through, which space is lacking because there is no atmosphere out there. Astronauts are able to communicate with one another because radio waves can travel through space. FOOTPRINTS LAST A LONG TIME There is no atmosphere on the moon and therefore nothing to erode the mark that the astronauts have left on its surface. So, the footprints of the Apollo astronauts will remain for approximately 100 million years. MPD HOOK & LOOP Sources:

How Astronauts Use Velcro in Space

shared by jt14972 on Dec 20
Interesting ways in which astronauts use Velcro in space. Plus a few other fun facts that will blow your mind.


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