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Sizing Up Space: A Visual History (Astronauts)

Requirements Astronauts in Space Life In total 51 women and 307 men, have spent 8,293 days (alimost 23 years) Astronauts must: onboard a shuttle. Astronauts bring one pair of underwear for Have a bachelor's degree Bob Crippen First space shuttle pilot each day in space. 6'4" 70 days Finish 1,000 hours of flight time 35 days Astronauts stay active exercising Less than a day Franklin Chang-Diaz and Jerry Ross Tied with the most about one hour Swim 75 meters each day. and tread water for 10 minutes shuttle flights at seven height range Sally Ride First woman Have vision in space correctable to Spacesuit 20/20 Spacesuits are no longer tailored for each astronaut. During the application cycle 4'10" the acceptance rate is 0.5 percent. They are created to be reused for up to 15 years. Applicants 4,015 Man-hours to build one suit. Accepted 5,000 | 20 Spacesuits have 11 layers. One suit costs $2 million Space Food The number of 100 Feb. 1, 2003 Space shuttle Columbia tortillas taken on each mission - it's a It takes 45 minutes to put on a spacesuit. Jan. 28, 1986 disintegrated on re-entry. All seven Space shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its no-hassle food in zero gravity. crew members aboard died. flight. All seven crew members aboard died. Since spacewalks can last up to eight hours astronauts wear a "Maximum Absoprtion Garment" - an extra Each person is allotted 3.8 pounds of food per day. That means the shuttle program has carried around 30,000 pounds of food into space. John W. Young First space shuttle absorbent adult diaper. commander Not just for humans Squids, squirrel monkeys, frogs, sea urchins, japanese killifish and spiders have all visited space in the shuttles. Spacesuits weigh 280 pounds. That's like wearing a 20 gallon backpack filled with 22,000 quarters. That's the equlivant of 334, 000 tortillas - enough to reach the top of the U.S. Capitol dome. Kent Rominger Spent the most time in a shuttle – 67 days. 270 ft

Sizing Up Space: A Visual History (Astronauts)

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In the three decades of NASA's space shuttle program, hundreds of astronauts flew aboard the five spaceships. Find out about the missions, astronauts and vehicles and life in space. (See also: Shuttle)



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