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Who's been to the ISS?

Ri The Royal Institution Science Lives Here Who has been to the ISS? How international is the International Space Station? Over 200 people have visited the orbiting tin can, and three more will launch to the station on 15 December 2015. But who are they all, and what does it take to get on the list? Individuals from 18 countries and 10 national space programmes have been to the ISS, but over half of these were NASA astronauts Each square represents one man who has been to the ISS, each circleo one female 7 7 Layered boxes Jindicate people who have been more than once Education All but two have at least 15 an undergraduate degree, and 72% have a masters, PhD or MD degree Profession Over half are pilots 44 Men and women Just 33 women have been to the ISS Age The average age at time of first visit is 41; the youngest was 31 and the oldest was 63 age 40 50 60 70 Facial hair Based on a rigorous scientific survey of lead Wikipedia images, 21 visitors have a beard or moustache of some description So, anyone can make it to the ISS. But, for your best chance, try to be a 41 year old male American pilot, with a degree (preferably a masters) and no facial hair. Simple. 136 With special thanks to our lead supporter, Wellcome Trust wellcometrust Research Jon Farrow, design Anthony Lewis, Royal Institution | CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 N OIIIII Tourists souso TO ---II-----I-------- I---I--------IO * each of CNES, AEB, ANGKASA, KARI and KazCosmos have sent one person to the ISS.

Who's been to the ISS?

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A look at the select few who have visited the International Space Station. Over 200 people have visited the International Space Station. But who are they? What does it take to join the elite crew of ...


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