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A Brief History of Particles Zoo Luca Ferrario - 814268 DEN- SITY GN + A.A. 2014/2015 Politecnico di Milano Scuola del Design Laurea Magistrale An iconic timeline of Standard Model’s elementary particles discoveries Design della Comunicazione Corso di Sintesi Finale Discovered by Ernest Rutherford 1919 Kaon Discovered by Albert Einstein 1905 or Ernest Rutherford 1956 Neutrino Discovered by Clyde Cowan and Fredertck Reines Photon === === == 1894 1962 Electron Discovered by J. J. Thomson Muon Neutrino Discovered by Leon Lederman and others 1974 Charm Quark Discovered by Burton Richter and Samuel Ting 1975 Tau ??? Discovered by Martin Perl and others Graviton Not discovered yet 2012 Higgs Bottom Quark Discovered at Fermilab and ATLAS experiments Zero Decay particle 1 Negative Positive The interactions of particles shown in the timeline are based on Feynman diagrams. Time starts from the center to the outside, and the first particle decays in two, following diagrams rules. How to read the Antiparticles Starting particle visualization y Decay particle 2 Charge FERMIONS BOSONS QUARKS LEPTONS GAUGE SCALAR They are found instde Adrons They expertence every interaction (Elecromagnetism, Strong, Weak, Gravity, Higgs) They are not confined inside Adrons. They experience Weak Interaction, Gravity, Higgs, Electromagnetism (charged ones) They are the force-carrying particles, the 'glue' holding matter together The Boson that gives mass to particles Up Down Electron Neutrino Photon W, W, Z Higgs -1/3 Charge: +2/3 Mass: 0,002 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: Mass: 0,005 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge Mass: 0,0005 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge Mass: Small Spin: 1/2 -1 0 Force: Electromagn Charge: 0 Force: Higgs Charge: 0 Force: Weak Charge: +1, -1,0 Mass (W): 80,4 GeV Mass (Z): 91, 2 GeV Spin: 1 Expertence: EM (W), Weak, Gravity, Higgs Mass: 0 Mass: 125 GeV Spin: 1 Experience: Gravity Spin: 0 Experience: Weak, Gravtty, Higgs Charm Strange Muon Muon Neutrino = = = = Charge: +2/3 1 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: -1/3 Mass: 0,1 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: Mass: 0,106 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: Mass: Small Spin: 1/2 -1 Mass Gluon Graviton (?) Force: Strong Charge: 0 Mass: 0 Spin: 1 Experience: Strong, Gravity Force: Gravity Charge: 0 Mass Spin: 2 Experience: Gravity Top Bottom Tau Tau Neutrino Charge: +2/3 Mass: 172 GeV Spin: 1/2 -1/3 Charge: Mass: 4 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: Mass: 1,78 GeV Spin: 1/2 Charge: 0 Mass: Small Spin: 1/2 -1 Sources "Particle at the end of the Universe" Sean Carrol, 2012, CodiceEdizioni; "Scentia" 2011, Wooden Books;; en wikipedia. org/wiki/Subatomic_particle; en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Elementary_particle; Discovered by Carl D. Anderson 1936 Discovered by Carl D. Anderson by chtalini and Cecil Powell Discovered by James Chadwick Pion Discovered GLuseppe Occhi aar Lattes, Positron 1932 uonw 1932 Neutron Discovered by George Dixon Rochester and Clifford Charles Butler 1947 Proton 1947 ==== ======= == 1977 Discovered by CMS 0007 ourJa red at DESY 1983 W', W, Z Discovered by Carlo Rubbla, Stmon van der Meer, CERN UA1 Tau Neutrin 1995 Discovered at Fermilab Top Quark Discovered at Fermtlab


shared by LucaWist on May 17
A BRIEF HISTORY OF PARTICLES ZOO is a Data-visualization poster realized for Density Design Lab at Poliecnico of Milano. It depicts the timeline of Standard Model's particles discoveries during time...


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