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The 44 Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun

44 CLOSEST STARS 니니 AND HOW THEY COMPARE TO OUR SUN Re- Solar radius (a unit of distance to express the size of stars relative to the sun) O System/constellation O Potential planets O Distance From Earth SUN Le- Solar luminosity (a unit of radiant flux used to compare the luminosity of stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects in terms of the sun's output) Solar System O 8.317 light-minutes 1R (432,288 miles) EARTH Proxima Centauri O Alpha Centauri DISTANCE FROM EARTH (light-years) O 4.244 light-years 0.1542R. 0.00005 Lo 25 0.001 Lo <=0.0001 0.01 01 0,2 0.3 0,4 0.5 0.6 0,7 0.8 0.9 10 a Centauri A (Rigil Kentaurus) O Alpha Centauri O4.365 light-years Lo 1.223R. 1.519L. a Centauri B (Toliman) Alpha Centauri O 4.37 light-years light-years 0.863R. 0.5002L. Bernard's Star O Ophiuchus O 5.957 light-years 0.196R, 0.0035L. Wolf 359 (CN Leonis) Leo O7.856 light-years 0.16R. 0.0014L. Lalande 21185 Ursa Major O 8.307 light-years 0.393R. 0.026L. Luyten 726-8A O Cetus 8.791 light-years Sirius A O Canis Major O8.659 light-years 1.711 R. 25.4L. Sirius B Canis Major O 8.659 light-years 0.14R. 0.00004L. Luyten 726-8B O Cetus O 8.791 light-years 0.0084R, 0.056L. 0.14R. 0.00004L. Ross 154 O Sagittarius 9.7035 light-years 0.24R. 0.0038L. 10 light-years Epsilon Eridani Eridanus Ross 248 Andromeda 2 O 10.446 light-years 10.2903 light-years 0.16R. 0.735R. 0.34L. 0.0018L. Lacaille 9352 Piscis AustrinuS 10.7211 light-years 0.0367 L. Ross 128 Virgo 1 O 11 light-years 0.47R. EZ Aquarii A Aquarius 11.1 light-years 0.175R. 0.000087 L. (part of triple star system) 61 Сygni A O Cygnus 0.1967R. 0.00362L. O 11.4 light-years 0.665R. 0.153L. Procyon A O Canis Minor O 11.4 light-years 2.048R. 6.93L. 61 Cygni B Cygnus O 11.4 light-years 0.595 R. 0.085L. Procyon B Canis Minor O 11.4 light-years 0.012R. 0.00049L. Struve 2398 A O Draco O 11.49 light-years 0.35R. 0.35Le Struve 2398 B O Draco 2 11.49 light-years Groombridge 34 A O Andromeda 0.248R. 0.021 Le O 11.62 light-years 0.38R. 0.022 Le Groombridge 34 B O Andromeda O 11.62 light-years 0.18R. 0.00085 L. DX Cancri Cancer Ταυ Ceti Cetus O 11.68 light-years 5 0.11 R. 0.00065 L. O 11.75 light-years 0.52L, 0.793R. Epsilon Indi O Indus O 11.87 light-years 0.73R. 0.22L. Teegarden's Star Aries YZ Ceti Gliese 1061 Kapteyn's Star Pictor O Horologium OCetus 4 12 light-years O 11.98 light-years 2 O 12.1 light-years 0.168R. 2 O 12.5 light-years O 12.8 light-years 0.127R. 0.0007 L. 0.00018 L. 0.156R. 0.001 Lo 0.291 R. 0.01 L. Luyten's Star Canis Minor Lacaille 8760 Microscopium 12.9 light-years SCR 1845-6357 Pavo O 12.6 light-years 12.2 light-years 0.51 R. 0.072Le 0.096R. 0.0004L. 0.35R. 0.0088 L. Kruger 60 A Cepheus (bordering) 13 light-years 0.35R. 0.01 L. Kruger 60 B O Cepheus (bordering) O 13 light-years 0.24R. 0.0034L. Gliese 1 Wolf 424 B O Sculptor O 14.2 light-years Gliese 674 Virgo 14.05 light-years Wolf 1061 O Ophiuchus 3 O 14.04 light-years Ara 0.46R. 0.02L. 0.14R. 0.0008 L. 1 O 14.83 light-years 0.41 R. 0.016L. 0.307R. 0.0102L. Van Maanen's star Pisces Wolf 424 A O Virgo O 14.05 light-years O 14.07 light-years TZ Arietis O Aries O 14.6 light-years 0.161 R. 0.011 R. 0.00017L. Gliese 687 0.17R. 0.00014 L. 0.00135L. O Draco 1 O 14.84 light-years 0.492R. 0.0213L. SOURCES: 15 light-years Alan's FACTORY OUTLET

The 44 Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun

shared by BebopGriffin on May 18
Stars have captivated humanity since the dawn of our existence. We know the Sun is the closest star to our planet, but what about the stars beyond our solar system? This infographic provides fascinati...


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