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Blueprint To The New Energy Era

REINVENTING FIRE Blueprint to the new energy era Business can become more competitive, profitable, and resilient by leading the transformation from fossil fuel to efficiency and renewables. This transition will build a stronger economy, a more secure nation, and a healthier environment. TODAY 35% 26% 22% America gets 90% of its energy from oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear. Our aging infrastructure demands refurbishment to meet 21st century OIL NATURAL COAL NUCLEAR BIOMASS HYDRO OTHER needs. GAS RENEWABLES SHARE OF U.S. PRIMARY ENERGY CONSUMPTION EXCLUDING FEEDSTOCKS. TOTAL ADDS TO 101% DUE TO ROUNDING. FOREIGN OIL TRANSPORTATION ELECTRICITY Every day, moving people and goods burns million barrels of oil – costing American drivers 86 MALL of U.S. electricity 13 is generated from natural gas, coal, and nuclear in large, centralized power plants. BUILDINGS $2 billion directly America's 120 million INDUSTRY buildings consume % of the and $4 billion in 42% 76% additional hidden of the nation's costs. industrial energy – more than sector's energy use any other sector, and more than any country comes from fossil fuels. but China and the U.S. KEY DRIVERS TO CHAN GE • Ultralight low-drag autos · Electrified autos • Productive vehicle use • Superefficient trucks and planes · Advanced biofuels needing no cropland • Revenue-neutral feebates • Wide adoption of energy-efficient technologies Easy-to-use, IT-based controls • Integrative design • Next-generation codes and • Wide adoption of energy-efficient technologies • Integrative design • Thorough use of cogeneration · Fuel-switching • Dematerialization and closed material cycles · Revolutions in biomimicry & additive manufacturing • Superefficient end use Diverse, largely distributed, renewable-dominated supply • Smart, secure, resilient grid · Full competition between equipment standards · Easy-to-access, low-cost financing • Valuing non-energy benefits investment options • Fast, broad, transparent markets • Utilities' and customers' incentives aligned 2050 Efficiency and renewables can end our addiction to fossil fuels, create 23% 26% 43% 4% 4% the core industries of the new energy era, generate $5 trillion in new economic value, and enhance resilience and security. HYDRO HYDROGEN NON-CROPLAND NATURAL WIND, SOLAR, AND BIOFUELS GAS OTHER RENEWABLES SHARE OF U.S. PRIMARY ENERGY CONSUMPTION. <<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>S TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY $3.8 trillion Industry will have greater 84 production, ELECTRICITY not spent on oil will be pumped into the economy. Autos will reach an average of use 9-13 less energy, and save Needing no oil, coal, or nuclear power, at BUILDINGS $0.5 trillion net. 125-240 80 least The average square foot would use 1/2 to 3/4 less energy today and save of our mpg-equivalent. $0.7 electricity will come reliably from renewable energy. trillion net. NON-CROPLAND BIOFUELS WHAT WE GET Unlock Support a Use $5 158% trillion in savings bigger economy energy from oil, coal, and nuclear SOURCES Learn more at RMI analysis detalled in Reinventing Fire (Chelsea Green) October 2011 and available at ROCKY MOUNTAIN © 2011 Rocky Mountain Institute INSTITUTE

Blueprint To The New Energy Era

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Rocky Mountain Institute has released a blueprint for a new energy future. Here are the highlights.


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