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What Happens When Fossil Fuels Run Out?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FOSSIL FUELS RUN OUT? The world runs on oil. Through using it, humanity moves, builds, and connects. The progress in globalization is a result of its power, and we have become extremely dependent on its ability to run our world. But what would happen if fossil fuels were completely depleted? UNLIKE DIAMONDS, FOSSIL FUELS ARE NOT FOREVER Estimated oil barrel (bbl) in oil reserves : : 1.64 TRILLION 2013 1.52 TRILLION 2012 0.5 trillion 1 trillion 1.5 trillion 2 trillion CAN THIS NUMBER CONTINUE TO INCREASE? Unfortunately, no. A natural process occurs that converts the remains of deceased organic material (fossils) into crude oil. But this process takes at least 10,000,000 years to occur. M. King Hubbert Peak Oil Plot 14 12 proven reserves 10 future discoveries 1850 1900 1950 2000 2050 2100 2150 2200 Year In 1956, geologist M. King Hubbert proposed that eventually global production of oil will continue to rise, peak, and then rapidly decline. He theorized that demand for oil would continue to grow, despite the level of Earth's nonrenewable oil reserves dwindling. WHEN WILL WE HIT PEAK OIL? Most analysts, though, believe that the world will reach peak oil between 2010-2020. The United States peaked BP claimed, in a June 2008 report, that there is 40 years worth of years ago, in 1970. oil pumped, and unused, in reserves. * Peak Oil: The point in time when the global production of oil will reach its maximum rate, after which production will gradually decline. THE FORK IN THE ROAD If the production of oil declines, society can go down two very different paths: THE BAD ROAD Soaring gas prices climaxing in an extreme gas shortage. Political warfare / general anarchy. An end to continuing global development. Perhaps A widespread destruction of the environment as a result even reduction of of the search of oil. mankind's capabilities. THE GOOD ROAD Accelerated development of alternative fuel resources. Reduction of political tension as a result of sustainable energy sources. C Reduction of carbon dioxide pollution. Curbing of man-made global warming. BUILDING THE BETTER ROAD One path is clearly better, and we can take the steps toward that path today: 1. ETHANOL FUEL An alcohol-based alternative fuel. It is made through the fermentation of crops like corn, soybeans, and switch grass. 2. NATURAL GAS A technically renewable natural energy source that burns cleaner than oil and is readily available throughout the world. 3. ELECTRICITY As seen with Tesla's Model S electric car, electrically powered vehicles are more than capable in contemporary society. 4. HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS Creates power through electricity created in a petrochemical reaction. 5. BIODIESEL FUEL A safe and biodegradable alternative fuel created through vegetable oils and animal fats. The end of fossil fuels does not mean the end of the world, however proper steps must be taken to prepare and ready the world for a time after oil. OPlymouth Rock ENERGY http:/www.olcrisis.orgbentleydepletionoverview.pd alt_fues.hem port-worldwide eportglobal-oil production up in 2012-astml Production (10° bbls/yr)

What Happens When Fossil Fuels Run Out?

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How will it change your life when the fossil fuels run out?


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