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Born to Cheat?

DOC ZONE with Ann-Marie MocDonald BORN TO CHEAT? A GUIDE TO ALPHA MALES AND TESTOSTERONE DID YOU KNOW? testosterone The AVERAGE male has 10 TIMES more testosterone - the sex hormone that boosts confidence and makes you more ambitious - than females do. The ALPHA MALE produces even higher levels of testosterone, giving them some unique characteristics and physical traits that C,HO, increase their chances of cheating. elevated testosterone can make the Alpha Male feel they are the center of the Universe elevated testosterone can have negative physical side effects SPERN COUNT MAIR ITILE CANASSI OTNERSILIB NO SENS LINE PHYSICALVEAVICK LACK or EEL/NORE CO EANECHEEK CONME CTIO NRAITS BODYIA EAPATHY SELTI PHYSIQUE EBONES more ATITUD LLESOSTER testosterone can lead to an elevated sense of self WIT aroused visually by breasts, genitals, facial beauty, facial In rare cases extreme symmetry and hair levels of testosterone can produce socially aversive personally traits knows as the DARK TRIAD these traits can have negative social side effects ALPHA MALE [ ALPHA MASCULUM ] If you're in the market for a life mate, the Alpha Male is probably not the right match for you. Their higher levels of testosterone may make these risk-takers seem more appealing, but some might say their negative traits outweigh the short-term benefits. CHEATING BY THE NUMBERS Are men cheating more than women? Who are people cheating with? How long do they cheat? The answers might surprise you. 57 vs 54 22 VS of MEN admit to of WOMEN admit of MARRIED of MARRIED cheating in ANY relationship they've had to cheating in ANY relationship MEN have strayed WOMEN have at least ONCE strayed at least ONCE during their they've had during their married lives married lives 74 vs 68 36 of affairs are with C-WORKERS of MEN say of WOMEN say they WOULD CHEAT if they knew they would never get caught 17% of affairs are with they WOULD CHEAT if they knew they would never get caught a BROTHER- or SISTER-IN-LAW 2 YEARS AVERAGE LENGTH of an extramarital affair Of CHILDREN are the product of infidelity A.Producer/Design: Olena Sullivan Learn more about testosterone @ CBC.CA/DOCZONE © 2012 CBC Radio-Canada. Sources:Associated Press, Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, 9/8/2012,,

Born to Cheat?

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In the last few years, a sordid array of promiscuity from powerful men has become front-page news around the world. From Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual assault, to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s...






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