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Do you have low testosterone?

DO YOU HAVE LOW TESTOSTERONE? WHAT DO ES TESTOSTERONE DO? Hormones play a massive role in our health, mental well-being, and appearance. As we age, hormone levels change. Hormones can also fluctuate based on environment or stress. To func- tion at our best, we must maintain optimal, balanced levels of hormones. Low Testosterone, technically known as hypogonadism, is responsible for. FOCUS WEIGHT LOSS CONCENTRATION SKIN APPEARANCE COGNITION ENERGY IMPROVING MOOD SEXUAL FUNCTION SEX DRIVE & WELLBEING DID YOU KNOW? In the past, patients with low testosterone were thought to have diabetes, coronary heart disease, or other ailments and were often not treated for Low T. 300-1000 ng/dL (nanograms/deciliter) CONSIDERED TO BE A NORMAL RANGE OF TESTOSTERONE AGING, ENVIRONMENT & STRESS CAN AFFECT TESTOSTERONE LEVELS You can still experience signs of Low T and fall into the (lower) range of "normal" range of tes- tosterone. Seek out an anti-aging specialist to make sure you don't have Low T. SYMPTOMS OF LO W TESTOSTERONE: Not all patients with Low T may exhibit symptoms, but those with testosterone levels of only 100-200 ng/dL could still risk low bone density and other dangerous ailments that are treat- able or reversible with testosterone replacement therapy. * Before starting hormone replacement therapy, your doctor should test your initial hormone levels as well as your blood composition, diet, food allergies, and sleeping habits. MOOD, DEPRESSION DECREASED ENERGY ANEMIA WEIGHT GAIN LOWER REDUCED SEX DRIVE MUSCLE MASS & E.D. & BONE DENSITY TIRED OF LOW T? TREATMENT OPTIONS TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY If you find yourself feeling run down, tired, and achey, you should look into testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone must be prescribed by a doctor, and is FDA approved. 66 Many of these issues "are often treatable and reversible by normalizing testosterone levels." 1 TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS CREAMS, GELS, AND PATCHES One of the most common treatment meth- These must be applied once or twice a day. ods is oil-based testosterone injections, per- They are not a good option if you live with formed 1-2 times a week, which allows tes- other people as the gel can be transferred tosterone to be slowly released over the through skin contact within 12 hours of ap- span of 7-10 days. plication. 000 PELLETS NON-TESTOSTERONE TREATMENT Some patients prefer to have testosterone 1. Clomid: FDA approved, used to treat male pellets implanted below the skin through a infertility by increasing testosterone. Pill minor surgical procedure that takes about must be taken once a twice a day. 10 minutes. Ideal for patients who want to 2. Nutritional substances such as: DHEA, avoid daily testosterone gel application or Pregnenolone, Tribulus and Maca. Combina- weekly injections. tions of these are commercially available. READY TO GET STARTED? GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY Liondale Medical offers a variety of medical services for men and women. Our preventative medicine specialists will help you regain the vigor and strength of your youth. Our resident specialist, Dr. Lionel Bissoon (DO) has been practicing for over 20 years. Author of the book The Cellulite Cure, Dr. Bissoon is a highly skilled physician with a wide range of medical knowledge. His training in multiple fields of medicine allows him to provide a compre- hensive approach to treating all his patients. |LIONDALE LIONDALEMEDICAL.COM - 212.579.9136 - DR. LIONEL BISSOON ANTI AGING MEDICINE & SERVICES IN NEW YORK Aging is inevitable, however, anti-aging in medicine is rea using current scientific and clinical information to perform aggressive prevention to slow down the impact of aging on the mind and body." - Dr. Lionel Bissoon about SOURCES: 1. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and the director of Men's Health Boston. pert-shares-his-thoughts-on-testosterone-replacement-therapy erview1

Do you have low testosterone?

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Written by a doctor, this infographic will help you understand the warning signs and treatments of low testosterone.


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