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Better Than the Average Man

BETTER THAN THE AVERAGE MAN LET'S FACE IT: we guys all think we're above average. But what does the average American man really look like? LET'S TAKE A LOOK: 34.4 AGE KIDS YEARS 5FT HEIGHT MARITAL 9IN STATUS MARRIED SLEEP WEIGHT 191 A NIGHT According to the CDC, the average man is overweight. 7HRS LBS FINANCIAL $3,100 $36,100 $14,750 INCOME DEBT SAVINGS CREDIT CA 2$ 51% of guys pay the monthly credit card 44% have LESS THAN $50,000 in 32% of men are UNHAPPY with their paychecks balances in FULL savings 20% have NO cash savings 16% of guys rarely do 27% of guys NOT OWN a credit or debit 53% have attended COLLEGE 62% of men have loaned MORE THAN $100 to a friend or family member 30% hold a BACHELOR'S DEGREE or HIGHER 24% 37% 100 percentage of men still PAYING OFF of them regretted it STUDENT LOANS FITNESS 69% consider themselves PHYSICALLY FIT 13% actually are PULL UPS PUSH UPS IN 1 MINUTE 27 BENCH PRESS 160LBS 1 TIME SIT UPS IN TIME TO RUN 1 MINUTE 36 1 MILE 8'34" 52 Wisz 88% of men DON'T belong to a GYM Resting heart rate of an IN-SHAPE MAN is 52 BCM www.zz Average 40-yr-old man could SAVE $949/year by 72 EXERCISING REGULARLY - 50% MORE THAN the cost of an average GYM Resting heart rate of an MEMBERSHIP OUT-OF-SHAPE MAN is 72 BCM WANT TO BE BETTER? HEART DISEASE M66 In 2007, HEART DISEASE responsible for was the cause of death in 309,821 OVER 25% Average age for a FIRST HEART ATTACK: 66 years AMERICANS of MALE DEATHS in the US 1.6 MILLION Americans filed for BANKRUPTCY resulting from UNMANAGEABLE DEBT in 2010 DON'T WANT TO END UP LIKE THE ABOVE STATISTICS? 2012 is here, and what better time than the New Year to make the lifestyle changes that will help you live longer and feel better? MAKE THE FOLLOWING RESOLUTIONS THIS JANUARY AND REAP THE REWARDS: "I WILL GET MY DEBT UNDER CONTROL" The secret behind managing debt? SPEND LESS THAN YOU MAKE. This oft-quoted paradigm is the simplest way to make sure you have the money to pay down your debt – or never get into debt in the first place. "I WILL SAVE FOR RETIREMENT" Spending less than you make also allows you to save for retirement. CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR WORKPLACE 401K (and find out if you employer will match your contributions) OR OPEN YOUR OWN IRA. There's no time like now to save for the future. "I WILL WALK MORE AND EAT LESS" You don't need a radical workout plan or dietary overhaul to lose weight. Just get out and WALK FOR HALF AN HOUR, 5 DAYS/WEEK. While you're at it, TAKE ADDED SUGARS AND PROCESSED CARBS OUT OF YOUR DIET. That orange juice and cereal you eat every morning? Cut it out and watch the pounds melt avway. Americans have developed some bad habits over the years, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THE AVERAGE AMERICAN. Take a few steps to improve your life this New Year - YOU'LL BE FAR ABOVE AVERAGE IN NO TIME. Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD SOURCES erweight.html?pounds-D191&inches=69

Better Than the Average Man

shared by kthorspear on Jan 10
I probably could have told you that American men were in bad shape (both financially and physically) but I didn’t realize just how bad until now. The average guy has almost $15k in debt and only $3k...


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