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7 Factors that may Give You an Eye Twitch

7: Factors that may Give You an Eye Twitch! Experiencing the pesky eyelid tic and twitch? Make sure you are doing the right thing for your eyes! Stress There's not much that can be done about it! Just minimize the causes of stress to halt eyelid twitching. 9 Fatigue and Tiredness Not just your body but your eyes too get tired when over-worked. Catch night's sleep! up with your good P Alcohol and Caffeine De-café your life and cut back alcohol consumption to give your eyes some rest and relief. Dry Eyes Using computer or wearing contact lenses for long cause your eyes to dry thus making them to twitch and tic. Eye Strain Prolong usage of technology that involves continuous gazing at the screen may Cause the annoying twitch. Avoid! also Allergies and Irritation Environmental factors such as, dust, smoke, chemicals and other tiny particles in the air can make your eyelid twitch. Nutritional Imbalance Lack of essential nutrients in also cause that disturbing eye twitch. So eat good and right! your diet may SO WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR EYELID GOES INSANE? Fitness Republic We Can Work It Out

7 Factors that may Give You an Eye Twitch

shared by FitnessRepublicUS on Jun 09
Experiencing that pesky twitch and tic is extremely irritating and uncomfortable. Eye twitch is a repetitive spasm of eyelid that is caused by number of factors.


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