You Stored What? 7 of the Weirdest Storage Unit Discoveries

YOU STORED WHAT? THE WEIRDEST STORAGE UNIT OF DISCOVERIES You think your uncle's taxidermy collection is weird? Clearly you've never been to a storage auction! Check out a few of the most bizarre things people have placed in storage. GRANDMA'S COFFIN WHERE: Clearwater, Florida DISCOVERED: 2012 Year of grandma's passing: 1995 WHAT HAPPENED: Family fell behind on payments Granddaughter revealed the contents to avoid an auction Police found a painted blue coffin containing skeletal remains > No foul play suspected BURIED TREASURE WHERE: San Jose, California DISCOVERED: 2011 WHAT HAPPENED: A man bid $1,100 for the contents of an abandoned storage unit > He found $500,000in silver and gold bars and rare coins inside a Rubbermaid container O = 1,000 ROI: About 45,000% A STALKER'S COLLECTION WHERE: Long Beach, California DISCOVERED: 2012 Unit owner: Robert Dewey Hoskins, who has been arrested for stalking Halle Berry and Madonna STRANGEST ITEMS FOUND: Headless baby doll Dozens of knives Sumo wrestler doll Theater-style mask resembling a sad clown, or maybe Guy Fawkes Barbie backpack $2-5 MILLION IN CRYSTAL METH WHERE: San Antonio, Texas WHEN: 2011 WHAT HAPPENED: A drug trafficking task force started investigating 2 men in March 2010 Authorities discovered that the men were storing their meth in a storage unit Nearly a year into the investigation, 28 POUNDS OF CRYSTAL METH was discovered in the unit OLD NASA EQUIPMENT WHERE: Miami, Florida DISCOVERED: 2011 WHAT HAPPENED: An abandoned storage room was featured on the Spike TV show, Auction Hunters STRANGEST FINDS: > NASA countdown clock Rocket AN IDENTITY THEFT OPERATION WHERE: Denver, Colorado DISCOVERED: 2009 PASSPORT WHAT WAS FOUND: Hundreds of stolen passports > 150 copied driver's licenses belonging to hospital patients Drug paraphernalia A printer for making counterfeit documents FOLLOW-UP: The man who rented the storage unit was sentenced to 6 years in prison NICOLAS CAGE'S MILLION-DOLLAR COMIC BOOK WHERE: San Fernando Valley, California WHEN: 2011 TIMELINE: ACTION COMICS 1995: Nicolas Cage buys the first-ever Superman comic, called "Action Comics No. 1" Estimated value: $1 million 2000: Cage reports the comic book stolen from his Los Angeles home 2011: The comic book is found in an auctioned storage locker Cage calls the find "divine providence" SOURCES LOCKAWAY STORAGE STAXJP STORAGE 예울 。 예울 을 예울 을

You Stored What? 7 of the Weirdest Storage Unit Discoveries

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The things that people lock away in storage units can range from rare comic books to $5 million worth of crystal meth. When storage unit owners stop paying their monthly rent, the unit goes up for sal...


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