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Identity Theft Facts and Figures

IDENTITY THEFT AND PASSWORD SECURITY WITH OUR LIVES NOW BECOMING MORE AND MORE INTERTWINED IN THE DIGITAL REALM OF THE INTERNET, HACKERS AND IDENTITY THIEVES ARE FINDING NEW WAYS TO STEAL PERSONAL INFORMATION AND MAKE PEOPLES LIVES A MISERY. GET WISE TO THEIR TRICKS AND DON'T BECOME A VICTIM. 1. EVERY YEAR IN AMERICA, 9 MILLION PEOPLE . FALL VICTIM TO SOME FORM OF IDENTITY THEFT. This costs $52.6 billion in damages. The average theft per victim is $6,383. AVERAGE OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE FOR VICTIM IS $422. $ 52.6 billion AVERAGE 6.383 THEFT $422 PER PERSON 2. 2 47% OF IDENTITY THEFTS ARE PERPETRATED BY SOMEONE THE VICTIM KNEW. 47% RATES OF IDENTITY THEFT PER AGE People 65+ have the lowest rate at 2.3%. AGE 65:: 2.3 PERCENT People 25-34 have the highest rate of identity theft at 5.4%. AGE 25-34: 5.4 PERCENT THE BREAKDOWN OF HOw A LOOK AT ONLINE 3. . THIEVES GET YOUR IDENTITY THEFT: INFORMATION: 57 MILLION AMERICANS receive scam emails a year 60% sorts through your trash or personal computer. 19% click on the link inside. 3% disclose bank and financial information by accident. 1.7% are then scammed. 25% 25% scam or hack you while online. 60% 15% 15% steal your wallet. RECEIVING BANK STATEMENTS TO YOUR HOME MAKES YOU 8 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE YOUR INFORMATION STOLEN THAN GOING PAPERLESS. THEFT LIKELINESS THE MOST COMMON WAYS THIEVES 1:8 RATIO USE YOUR INFORMATION: 35% - Expensive purchases and other misc. Paper 35% 26% - Maxing out your credit cards and opening new accounts. 8х 26% 20% - Signing up for new phone services. 20% Online 14% - Defrauding your bank account 14% 1X 5% 5% - Take a loan out 5 A SHORT GUIDE TO 3. PASSWORD SECURITY: STATISTICS REVEAL THESE NAMES 6. AND PASSWORDS COVER 20% OF O. THE POPULATION: The top 3 most commonly used passwords in America are... 20% Most Common 12345 123456 123456789 YOURSELF YOUR PARTNER PETS CITY YOU LIVE IN "GOD" "LETMEIN" "MONEY "LOVE 1 IN 5 PEOPLE USE THE WORD "PASSWORD" . AS THEIR PASSWORD FOR ONLINE BANKING. "XXXXXXX "XXXXXXX "XXXXXXX "PASSWORD" "XXXXXXX" Hackers don't target banks online, but attack online forums and stores that hold your passwords. WHY? BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR EVERYTHING. HACKERS CAN CRACK AN 8 8. CHARACTER PASSWORD IN ALL LOWERCASE WITHIN 2 HOURS. Adding one uppercase letter and a symbol makes it take 200 years. 8 CHARACTER PASSWORD CRACK: 2 HRS 11 12 1 10 I ........ tp:// /ww. od s phre10 younekposndyln on 10/03/31/-e -guordpricyandon gerbymed/ re deplineceuriy m/htery-o rotidantityha hand taltstotiotioro9-2003 phe S://www.guard yandaniene yom/proleion idey voreprinecy'

Identity Theft Facts and Figures

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With the freedom of expression and the ease of information gathering we enjoy with the Internet, there is a dark side to this privilege. Internet crimes are proliferating and can destroy lives. Hacker...


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