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Game of Thrones - Castles Up For Sale

GAME OF THRONES CASTLES UP FOR SALE Winterfell, Dragonstone or Riverrun What Can You Afford? CASTLES BY LOCATION Bay of lce Boar laland Bay of Seals WINTER FELL Sea Drage Winter Winterfell The Ri Widew's Watch Whie Harbe Blazewater Bay The Nock Fininge The Thre Sweetsister THE EYRIE The Bite ΡΥΚΕ ligh RIVERRUN Great Wyk Vale Ironm Ba DRAGON STONE Fanily CASTERLY ROCK SaWickenden Fire Hamay w lale Fair Faire Hgar Me The Gallet Sharp Point Kavee Casterly Rock Feastfires STORMS END Insey's Hook Lannisport The Narrow Sea HOUSE OF TYRELL the ury Marth PORO Growing Shield laland inminakoon Shipbreaker Bau Cider Hill Cape Wrath The Sunset Sea Domialt Marchor SUNSPEAR Sea of Dorne Oldtown The Tor Skyteach Sunspear Sunflower Hall Kelwyi WHAT DO THESE LUXURIOUS CASTLES IN THE WESTEROS REGION COST? PRICE GUIDE: Figures take into account all rights to land, harbours, gold mines and properties. Excluding additional earnings from subject taxes. HOUSE OF STARK Winter is Coming WINTERFELL Location: The North, Westeros Religion: The Old Gods of The Forest Age: 8,000 years old Founder: Bran the Builder PREVIOUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION This extremely spacious property boasts 37 acres of land and stands as the capital of North Westeros. Built over 8,000 years ago by Bran the Builder, Winterfell and its surrounding land is seaped in local history. Located above hot springs, prospective buyers are sure to stay warm and cosy even during the worst winters. Ideal for extremely large families, as Winterfell has a large castle complex that can facilitate most requirements. EDDARD STARK ROBB STARK $ 10 Million / £ 6 Million BRAN STARK HOUSE OF TULLY Family Duty Honór RIVERRUN Location: The Riverlands, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: 1,000 Years Founder: Unknown PREVIOUS OWNER PROPER TY DESCRIPTION Situated in the central-western part of The Riverlands, Riverrun is a large castle surrounded by protective rivers and lakes. This cleverly located position enables the use of flood gates to raise river levels during an oncoming attack, turning Riverrun into a heavily defensible island castle. Towers also sit on the riverbank surrounding the main castle, adding an extra level of protection to occupants. Sitting on the Red Fork of the Trident River it has perfect transport routes making it easy to access by boat. 8385 EDMURE TULLY $ 10 Million / £ 6 Million WALDER FREY HOUSE OF GREYJOY We do not Sow PYKE Location: Westeros, The Iron Islands Religion: The Drowned God Age: Unknown Founder: Unknown PREVIOUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Built on Pyke Island and named for the island, this castle sits within the regional capital of the Iron Islands. In such a central location Pyke is the perfect hub for travelling between the surrounding castles, through the nearby harbour Lordsport. Each castle tower is connected by rope bridges, making each one accessible from the other, yet separate enough should a siege occur. BALON GREYJDY $ 11.6 Million/ £ 7 Million HOUSE OF BARATHEON Ours is the Fury STORM'S END Location: The Stormlands, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: 1,000 Years Founder: Durran Godsgrief PREVIDUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Located on the Southeast coast of Westeros, Storm's End overlooks Shipbreaker bay. Built as a formidable fortress by Durran Godsgrief, this property is ideal for anyone looking to protect their family from pillagers or warring factions. Anyone with a magical disposition will be happy to know this property also has spells woven into its walls to prevent magical attacks. Entirely contained within one structure, this castles is unique when compared to other multi-building structures within the Westeros region. Being built in this way makes it completely weatherproof and protected from seå storms. R®BERT BARATHE ON RENLY BARATHEON $ 13.8 Million/ £ 8.3 Million STANNIS BARATHEON HOUSE OF ARRYN as High as Hoñor THE EYRIE Location: Vale of Arryn, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: 6,000 Years Founder: The Mountain Kings PREVIDUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Located near the east coast of Westeros in the Vale of Arryn, The Eyrie sits on a peak on top of the Mountains of the Moon. At several thousand feet above the valley floor and only accessible by a narrow causeway this is perfect for a recluse, looking for privacy and peace and quiet. Due to its remóteness it is considered the most impregnable castle in Westeros. A notable feature of this property is its unique Moon Door, a trap door for unwanted guests and quick executions. ROBIN ARRYN $ 16 Million/ £ 9.6 Million HOUSE OF MARTELL Unbowed Unbent Unbroken LLL SUNSPEAR Location: Dorne, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: 1,000 Years Founder: Unknown PREVIDUS OWNER PROPER TY DESCRIPTION Within the capital of Dorne, Sunspear is located within the far south-east of Westeros on the Summer Sea. This brings cool sea breezes to those living within the property, as well panoramic views of the sea. More of an castern and oriental castle, Sunspear is the only castle of its kind in Westeros. As well as a castle this property comes with surrounding townhouses, plus a 150 feet tower structure overlooking the region. A modest harbour is also included within this property, ideal for merchant tradesmen to ship their goods to nearby cities DORAN MARTELL NOENRE LAT $ 17.3 Million/ € 10.4 Million HOUSE OF TARGARYEN Fire and Blood DRAGONSTODNE Location: Blackwater Bay Religion: The Lord of Light Age: 500 Years Founder: The Valyrain Freehold PREVIDUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Situated on the eponymous island, Dragonstone boasts panoramic views of the Blackwater Bay area. Constructed using advanced Valyrian stone masonry (techniques now since lost) by The Valyrian Freehold this 500 year old property is a unique find. It utilises exotic features that cannot be found anywhere else in Westeros, such as ornate dragon gargoyles to ward off evil spirits. For the security conscious Dragonstone is extremely defensible due to its secure and isolated location. AEGON TARGARYEN $ 157 Million/ £ 94.6 Million STANNIS BARATHEON HOUSE OF TYRELL Growing Strong HIGHGARDEN Location: The Reach, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: Unknown Founder: Unknown PREVIOUS OWNER PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Based within the regional capital of The Reach, Highgarden sits next to the river Mander. As such it is in a prime location acting as a trading hub for those travelling between King's Landing, Oldtown and Lannisport. This makes it the perfect property for socialisers and those that love to meet new and interest- ing people. This classic castle has more elegance and charm than the rustic and weathered castles in Westeros. All of these factors set it apart as being one of the most sought after properties on the market. MACE TYRELL $ 2 Billion/ £ 1.2 Billion HOUSE OF LANNISTE Hear Me Roar CASTERLY ROCK Location: The Westerlands, Westeros Religion: The Faith of the Seven Age: 6,000 Years Founder: House Casterly PREVIOUS OWNER PROOPERTY DESCRIPTION Located on the Western coast of Westeros, Casterly Rock is not just a castle but within its grounds also includes gold mines, harbours and supplementary properties. As such it is an ideal property for gold merchants and investors, especially as the mine is one of the most productive in Westeros. Situated on a rocky precipice overlooking Sunset Sea this castle is in a stronghold and well defended position, whilst supplying occupants with breathtaking landscape views. At 6,000 years old Casterly Rock is also the perfect castle for anyone in need of a more traditional property. TYWIN LANNISTER $4.1 Billion/ £ 2.5 Billion If you like any of these properties, call 01782 568739 Contact relevant estate agents & new homes developers Send a message to agents and developers matching your search for properties for sale in Westeros Name Select: All Featured | None 22 out of 43 selected Fullname e.g. Eddard Stark Blinds, ST5 Message (Optional) AapDevSeaeK-e Lam looking for castles for sale in Węsteros. Please let me know about any suitable properties you have. Thanks y's Fabrics, ST5 Tey Fahrics, ST4 Characters remaining: 387 Telephone d18TFskriss, SK3 Email Get a FREE agent appraisal of ny property Keep me informed on property market updates & offers Send a copy to my email address By submitting this form, you accept our Terms of Use Send Message BROUGHT TO YOU BY terrysblinds Transform your castle for less

Game of Thrones - Castles Up For Sale

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When watching Game of Thrones have you ever wondered how much it would cost to own Winterfell, Dragonstone or Riverrunn? Well believe it or not they are not as expensive as you might first think. In ...


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