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Mind Your Manners: What to Do When You Interview

MIND YOUR MANNERS What to Do When You Interview BEFORE YOU GO RESEARCH THE COMPANY • Have intelligent questions prepared for your interviewer • Be ready to ask questions that show you did research KNOW HOW TO GET TO THE INTERVIEW Know how long it takes to get there Be aware of the Give yourself time to find a restroom to freshen up Arrive 15 minutes early parking situation INTERVIEW PREP KNOW WHO YOU'LL MEET REHEARSE • Find out who will interview you • Have answers for standard questions and scenarios Jike uh • Research their • Avoid filler words such as "like," "uh," "kinda," and "um" background YES Have positive body language Make sure what you wear is appropriate for the company Go alone Don't smell like cigarette smoke Don't wear too much cologne or perfume Turn off your cell phone Don't chew gum Practice your handshake Have a positive attitude HOW TO IMPRESS DURING THE INTERVIEW TREAT EVERYONE AT THE COMPANY RESPECTFULLY Make eye contact • Have an approachable expression • Do not use curse words even if the interviewer did LISTEN CAREFULLY TO INTERVIEWERS' NAMES • Know how to pronounce them correctly • Address them appropriately O If you are interviewed by more than one person • Ask each of them if they have a business card IF YOU'RE INTERVIEWED BY MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT THE SAME TIME Briefly address each person with your gaze • Return your attention to the person who asked you the question • Line up the business cards in front of you in order of where they are sitting SIT STILL, WITH GOOD POSTURE • Don't cross your arms Nod and make positive gestures ANSWER QUESTIONS WITH SPECIFIC EXAMPLES • If you don't understand a question, ask for clarification • Fully answer the question without oversharing • Be honest • Take responsibility for your decisions and your actions • Don't make negative comments END THE INTERVIEW ON A POSITIVE NOTE • Let them know you're truly interested in the opportunity • Don't ask about salary and benefits until it's brought up by the interviewer • Find out what action you're expected to do next in the process • Ask for your interviewers' business cards or contact information if you don't have it yet WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU'VE LEFT MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE NEXT STEPS IN THE INTERVIEW PROCESS Know when and from whom you should expect to hear next If you promise information, send it quickly Take down notes right away so you don't forget critical details WRITE A THANK YOU EMAIL TO YOUR INTERVIEWER Ж Avoid using exclamation Refrain from Include an honest and Send it the specific sentence about why you're excited about the opportunity same day as the interview using emojis points Manners are important, especially during the interview process. Follow these tips to make a great impression, your next interview, and get the job. nail • • • • Brought to you by: In Partnership with: AKKEN O Cloud06 GHERGICH&Co. Staffing. Recruiting. Success

Mind Your Manners: What to Do When You Interview

shared by Ghergich on Apr 14
Are you nervous about an up-coming interview? Learn tips on how to make a great first impression, nail the interview and snag your dream job with this helpful guide.


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