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30 Interview Tips From 35 Career Specialists

35 CAREER SPECIALISTS SHARE #30 Interview Tips #1 Dress properly You want the interviewer to hire you there on the spot. Research the organisation and wear clothes that fit perfectly. #Dress Properly Be a spice girl in the interview #2 You don't have to dress like them, just replicate the lyrics from Wannabe by knowing, "what you want, what you really really want." and asking the employer what they want what they really realy want. #Ask Questions #3 Do your research We live in a lime where informralion is abundant and interviewees shouki have not trouble finding information aboul the position as well as the company. So many times I woukd sil dovwn to conduct an infervicw and find that Incodod to cxplain in delail Ihu job and the company prior lo diving into the interview questions. Wasled time and energy that leaves a regalive image. #Research #4 Practice Havo a friond or family momber be Ihe prelerul" inlerviewer and ask you questions. Videolape or record your responses and then review to see how you can improve. #Practice #5 Confidence is a must Even il yau have lo fake il. I Ihe inlerviewersenses your nervousness, they Flack #Be Confident may mistake il for lack of confidence in your skills. #6 Be real Be YOU, nol who you think they wan you to be #Be Yourself 100% #7 Bring your best self forward Bring your bost sclf forward withgroat energy + enthusiasm. - Show them that you're nal only qualified, bul a proHt:live and positive employee. #Bring You Best Self #8 Present yourself well Present yoursell well bit not to the point where you are uncomfortable with Ihe way you are dressed. #Know How to Sell YourSelf SELL #9 Tell stories Tell goud sluries that highlighl your skills and passions #Tell Stories Smile #10 Most paople are so nervous during job intervicws thal thcy vind up looking serious,or worse, angry., the whole lirne. Make a conscious ellorl lo occasionally smilc and laugh. The Same Ihing goAK for phone interviews! They won't see your smile, but they'I hear it in the subte changes in your tonc of voice. Whon youtrc smiling. you instanlly sound more positive. #Smile ALWAYS send a thank you note after your interview. #11 This is so crucial, and it realy makes you sland oul as a candidate. If you interviewed with scveral pooplc, try to HImail all of them each brief, individual thank you notos. If you can't find thcir email addresEAS, make sure you Imenlion thern irı your ermail lo Ihe hiring staff. It makes a difterence - trust me! POST #Follow Up #12 Show curiosity and interest Ot course you need to have a baseline compelence for a job. If youre caled to an intervicw, you pralably have Ihal compelence. You can alkvays train somconc to lcam about a role. It is very hard however to Irain a person Io have a goad allilude. Be genuinely interested and show your willingness lo leam. #Listen and Look Interested Understand the problem you would be solving #13 1+1= Undeislard Ihe problem you would be solving for the company BÉFORE you go into the interview - That way, you can provido concroto, quantifiablo, and relevant examples on why you're the best person to solve that problem. #Understand Their Problem Don't ask about the salary #14 Dan'l ask aboul Ihe salary - wail unlil you actually have the job! #Don't Talk About Money #15 Do your homework Piepara, prepHIH, preparH - IHSHarch the company and the job, Ihink aboul the type of queslions you are likely to bc askcd, practico and got foodback and then practice again. #Prepare Worry about connecting with the interviewer. #16 Don't wony about showing you're qualificd bocausc thcy alrcady SIHANad for thal Ihefore they callecd you in lor the interview. Inslead vworry about connecting with the intervieer. An inlerviewer is a popularity conlest among qualified applicants #Get Some Chemistry Going #17 Dress the part

30 Interview Tips From 35 Career Specialists

shared by noel123 on Apr 28
We asked 35 career specialist and we gathered 30 interview tips you should follow







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