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The Quest for the Perfect Job

The Quest for the Perkect Job HOW AN AWESOME CV AND COVERING LETTER WILL HELP YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY... Prepare for your quest! Forging the tools of your trade - the perfect CV How important is having the right job to your overall happiness? Critical - 42 Keep it succinct. Why use 20 words when 5 will do? Part of what makes me happy - 40 Back it up. Don't just say you are "committed" Separate sections for readability Not important - 18 Tailoring is essential! Chop it down to one page Axe what is not essential One size rarely fits all Avoid the waffle! CV A CV template is a great place to start, but to really stand out TAILOR your CV for each job you apply for. List achievements not duties! Think about your CV from the point of view of the person responsible for hiring. Don't just copy out your last job description. Show what an impact you had instead! Your quest begins! Don't lie in your CV Don't make yourself look unprofessional online Employers can research you! Knight I am so wasted! And it's not even lunchtime LOL Auoid Pitfalls! Mind the gap! Don't leave holes in your employment history for recruiters to guess Typos! Poor spelling show a lack of care and attention Get your contact details right - including professional social media profiles that show off your engagement. Don't trust a computer spellchecker alone - Read it back! @knight read my review of the latest iSword on my blog Stand out from the crowd! Embrace the power of networking and extend the reach of your CV with Monster's Beknown How far would you go to be successful in applying for a job? I would do underhand things I would break company policy Covering letter? Or not? A covering letter is your chance to speak directly to your future employer: I would break the law None of the above 82 DO: Write an original letter for every job you apply for Relate everything you say back to the job Are your career choices influenced by: Check the spelling and grammar before sending Celebrities - 10% Take the chance to sell yourself! Make it 2 -3 paragraphs. Short, punchy and powerful will intrigue them Business leaders 29% Family and friends - 31% DON’T Teachers - Just repeat your CV 12% Colleagues - Check the application pack for information about when and how you will hear back 17% If this deadline passes, give the employer a call to ensure they received your application Follow up your application BUT don't pester them by calling again and again IL monster All data from

The Quest for the Perfect Job

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So there you are. Right in front of your PC and you see the job of your dreams. Job description - check. Job requirements - check. Personal Specifications - check. This is too good to be true right? T...




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