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The Thanksgiving Dichotomy: Gratitude vs. Stress

talk space THE THANKSGIVING DICHOTOMY: Gratitude vs. Stress Thanksgiving presents a dichotomy: feeling and showing gratitude to others has proven benefits, but certain parts of this holiday can definitely be stressful. Check out how to handle both and win at Thanksgiving, below. SOME BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE: It'll make you happier overall. You'll be more likely to take care of your physical Cancels out toxic Increases self- emotions such as esteem and envy and resentment. reduces negative social health and will sleep better. comparisons. HANK YOU YOU'RE WELCOME More friends: grateful people have 17% more social capital. Increases Helps to see a situation more A top strategy to avoid over-eating: boosts positive body image. resilience to trauma. broadly and combat feelings of sadness and depression. WHERE STRESS COMES INTO PLAY: 38% of people experience a significant increase in stress during the holidays. Holiday stress has a greater effect on women (44% of women vs. 31% of men), especially those over 30. 31% 44% Thanksgiving get-togethers can cause negative social comparisons, which lower self-esteem. The average American is worried about gaining up to 10 lbs. during the holiday season. 67% of people say time constraints are the #1 source of holiday stress 53% of people cite holiday commercialism (shopping, bombard- ment by ads) as a top stressor. 53% of people say money is a top holiday stressor. NOW LET'S APPLY ALL THIS TO THANKSGIVING. SOME TIPS FOR SUCCESS: GRATITUDE Take sitting down at the dinner table as an opportunity to tell everyone who and what you are thankful for. If no one else moves to do this, initiate it. Think of how grateful you are for the food available to you and the person or people who prepared it. Try to stay present while eating and fully taste each bite (it'll help you slow down and appreciate the flavor). Practice gratitude internally while conversing with others if feelings of competitiveness or envy pop up. This is proven to overpower negative comparisons. Be gracious to any new people you meet to create a positive environment and a great first impression. STRESS REDUCTION In reality, "holiday weight" is nothing to panic over. though people's perceived weight gain varied between 3.5 and 10 pounds, their actual holiday weight gain was just under 1 pound. Nothing to obsess over. DPECTATO Don't drink too much - you might think wine will help you tolerate stress, but a lot might cause conflict and ultimately more stress than you began with. 1HATE ΤHE GOVERNMENT! Try not to bring up politics while you're chatting with friends and family members if that's a point of contention. If you're hosting this year, make fun a priority. People won't care how big the turkey is or how many desserts there are.Thanksgiving is about thanks, not putting on the best show. Don't get caught up in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and deals madness. This can cause considerable stress on its own, and all the 'amazing' deals may cause you to overspend. Remember that spending time with your loved ones--not what you give them-is the priority. NOVEMBER Make a Thanksgiving budget ahead of time and stick to it to avoid spending stress. THE KEY TO HAVING THE BEST THANKSGIVING? Being grateful, keeping an eye on stress levels, and prioritizing family and friends above all else. Keep this in mind when you wiggle into your spot at the crowded table, and you'll have a great holiday! Need some extra help getting through the holidays? Use the code THANKS30 for $30 off your new Talkspace subscription. talk space THERAPY FOR HOW WE LIVE TODAY SOURCES: cally-proven-benefits-of-gratitude-that-will-motivate-you-to-give-thanks-year-round/ 3200.2014.889255 #t= article Available on the iPhone U App Store ANDROID APP ON Google play

The Thanksgiving Dichotomy: Gratitude vs. Stress

shared by jrauch64 on Nov 28
Thanksgiving presents an interesting dichotomy: gratitude has proven mental health benefits, but the holidays are insanely stressful. This infographics educates people on these issues and offers tips ...


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