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Holiday Party Hazards

HOLIDAY PARTY HAZARDS According to the 2014 Allstate Holiday Home Hazards poll*, the majority of adults in the U.S. will host a holiday party this season. Nearly all of them said they could take measures to reduce the risk of theft, accidents or fires, but 63 percent said they aren't paying any more attention to these risks, which could result in trouble during a busy time of cooking, decorating and hosting holiday gatherings. HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER AS YOU CELEBRATE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: Party Planning Most party hosts say they plan to do "lots of cooking" to prepare for this season's holiday gatherings. Poll results also revealed: 44% 44% have left a stoue or oven unattended during the holiday season. 25% More than 25% have Nearly half don't keep fire extinguishers in hosted or attended a party that resulted in a burnt or ruined meal, their homes. If you're planning to entertain, you may want to consider taking these precautions: Make sure that family : Test all fire prevention devices to make sure Install new batteries Be careful in the kitchen. The incorrect in smoke alarms and members can locate carbon monoxide and operate fire extinguishers. they function properly. disposal of cooking grease, overuse of garbage disposals and improper or excessive disposal of waste can result in clogged detectors. drains and can cause sewer problems. Holiday Decorating Festive touches, such as holiday lights and crackling fires, can help set the scene for your holiday gathering - just make sure you take safety measures first. While 31 percent plan to light candles and 21 percent plan to use a fireplace this season, according to poll results, many have not taken precautionary steps. For instance: XX 53% haven't checked or changed their smoke detectors recently. 43% admit to plugging too many lights into one outlet, 44% which can lead to of people who have gas fireplaces haven't had them inspected within the last three electrical malfunctions and fires. years. Faulty gas lines and fireplace build-up can increase fire risk. About one-third (34%) have left candles and 17% have left fires unattended. If you plan to decorate your home for the holidays, here are some safety tips for inside and outside the house: Buying a Throw away If buying an artificial tree, look for a Keep your tree away from heat sources, and trim trees Never leaue burning candles unattended, and always place them out of reach of any broken holiday lights and refrain from overloading the outlets. Only Lights and extension cords natural tree? Make sure it's fresh to help prevent fire danger. label indicating that it is fire-resistant. with flame- resistant materials. Never use lit children. Check that all candles candles to are extinguished before you specified for outdoor use should be used decorate trees. go to bed. outside. Shopping & Entertaining As you transport and store holiday gifts and open your doors for seasonal gatherings, your property may be at risk of theft. For instance, according to Allstate's poll results: 46% have hidden a key to their home for a friend or family member, leaving the home easily accessible for burglaries. WELCOME (XXXX Only 22% put away valuables before hosting a party. 48% 17% have hidden valuables, such as gifts, in their car, which could have experienced a stolen or missing valuable after hosting a party. entice thieves to break in. Before you host a party or embark on a holiday shopping trip, plan to take these precautions: Don't aduertise shopping trips or gift purchases on social media. You may be giving potential thieves insight into the contents of your car's trunk, times you're away from home and even the holiday gifts hidden in your closet. Don't leaue purchases in the passenger compartment of your unattended vehicle. Put your valuables away before hosting people at your home. Store them out of sight, in the trunk, *The suruey of 1,036 American adults age 18 and older was conducted Nou. 2-5, 2014, via an online survey using a sample reflective of the American population. The survey was conducted by FTI Consulting, Inc. for Allstate. Allstate. You're in good hands.

Holiday Party Hazards

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The majority of adults in the U.S. will host a holiday party this season, according to the 2014 Allstate Holiday Home Hazards Poll. With the jolly chaos of the season, it can be easy to get distracted...




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