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Asthma in Asia

ASTHMA IN ASIA Patients Believe Their Condition is Under Control, But Symptoms Suggest Otherwise' REALIZE" TM NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS BY COUNTRY/REGION Asia is a survey that looked at the TOTAL RESPONDENTS: 2,467 perceptions and attitudes of 2,467 asthma patients in 8 Asian countries/regions. Mainland China 800 Malaysia 151 Hong Kong 200 Singapore 200 REALISETM Asia was sponsored by Mundipharma Pte Ltd and developed with a Steering Committe of respiratory experts across the region. Indonesia 166 Taiwan 300 Korea 500 Philippines 150 Nighttime Awakening ii WHAT IS ASTHMA? Coughing According To REALISE™M Asia Survey, Wheezing Chronic (long-term) disease characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Chest Breathlessness Tightness Can cause wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness 63% Worry About How Asthma Will Impact Their Future Health Affects people of all ages, but may start OVER 92% during childhood Common treatments include inhalers that are affected by major symptoms open-up the airways ('reliever' medications) or address the underlying inflammation ('controller' medications) COMMON TRIGGERS OF ASTHMA Over 1/3 Tobacco smoke required hospitalisation or emergency treatment in the past year as a result of their asthma Pollution and haze Dust mites and other bugs Mould Pollen Pets ASTHMA INTERFERES WITH DAILY LIFE According to REALISE™ Asia survey Zzz 2 out of 3 46% 71% can't exercise as much as they'd like to miss work or school are affected/woken up by asthma symptoms at least 1 night each week because of asthma because of asthma COMPARED TO A SIMILAR EUROPEAN SURVEY Asians are much more likely to... ignore their condition to feel "normal" and fit in with friends 43% 60% 71% be woken up by asthma symptoms every week 55% 73% 45% need a course of steroids for worsening asthma REALISETM EUROPE REALISETM ASIA ASTHMA PERCEPTION vs. REALITY According to REALISE™ Asia survey TM 70% 64% BUT believe they are healthy and fit say that asthma interferes with their daily activities 82% 73% BUT experience health problems directly related to asthma think their asthma is not serious 89% believe their asthma is well-controlled. But clinical guidelines suggest that most of these patients could manage their asthma better. REGIONAL FINDINGS According to REALISE™ Asia survey I think about my asthma more than once a week Wish I had more time to do the things I want to do 57% 86% I am confident in managing my asthma Worry about what my asthma will be like in 10 years 82% 60% 78% I prefer to manage my asthma without my doctor's advice Would like to be able 53% to better manage my asthma on my own PERCENTAGE OF RESPONDENTS WHO AGREE WITH EACH STATEMENT There is a disconnect between what patients believe is adequate control of their asthma and what they can actually achieve. Talk to your doctor about asthma and an appropriate management strategy. References | Mundipharma Pte Ltd Data on File: REALISE - Asian Asthma Patient Survey Results, 2014. i National Heart Blood and Lung Institute (NHBLI). Signs & Symptoms. Last accessed on 10 April 2014. The Asthma Center. II. Recognizing asthma triggers. Last accessed on 10 April 2014. iv Mundipharma International Limited Data on File: REALISE - European Asthma Patient Survey Results, 2012. Mundipharma PTE LTD 12 Marina View # 22-01 Asia Square Tower 2 Singapore 018961 REALIZE TM mundipharma Tel +65 6511 1165 Fax +65 6511 1167 RM-0492-V1-0414 Date of preparation: April 2014

Asthma in Asia

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Patients Believe Their Condition is Under Control, But Symptoms Suggest Otherwise






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