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The Science Behind Your Hangover

THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR O HANGOVER Beer before liquor does make you sicker. What's the science behind your hangover? THE COST OF A HANGOVER Hangovers cost the U.S. economy about $160 BILLION in 2006. That's about $1.37 in lost productivity for each of the 117 BILLION DRINKS consumed every year. HANGOVER MEDS 후구 85 $1.9 MILLION BILLION BILLION Alka-Seltzer Dietary Supplements Pain Relievers By 2018, sales of hangover medicines such as Alka-Seltzer, Adult pain relievers (like ibuprofen & aspirin), and Dietary supplements like PartySmart (used to curb hangovers) will be at record highs. HOW DIFFERENT KINDS OF ALCOHOL AFFECT YOUR HANGOVER DARK LIQUORS can make your hangover worse. These liquors have high concentrations of "congeners," which are fermentation byproducts. Congeners are metabolized by your body into the toxic substance formaldehyde. THE DARKER THE LIQUOR, the more congeners in it. Bourbon Red Wine Spiced Rum LIGHT-COLORED LIQUORS have fewer congeners. They tend to result in milder hangovers compared to drinking the same amount in dark liquor. Vodka White Wine Gin DIFFERENT KINDS OF LIQUORS have different kinds of congeners. When you mix these alcohols & their congeners together, you can expect a worse hangover. (HAMPAGNE causes some of the worst hangovers. The high levels of carbon dioxide causes your body to absorb the alcohol more quickly. Quicker absorption causes higher blood alcohol levels and contributes to a worse hangover. 2/3 PEOPLE GET DRUNK faster when drinking champagne. *** BEER is also somewhat carbonated, thus speeding up the rate of alcohol absorption. Because it speeds up absorption, consuming liquor after beer gives your body even less time to process all the alcohol. Therefore, drinking beer before liquor has a good chance of making you sick. WHAT YOUR HANGOVER SYMPTOMS MEAN FOR YOUR HEALTH HEADACHE You are dehydrated - Alcohol is a diuretic, causing increased urination and dehydration. Your blood sugar is low - In response to all the sugar in alcohol, your body produces more insulin, which causes your blood-sugar levels to drop & can result in severe headaches. EXHAUSTION You didn't sleep well - Drinking alcohol inhibits production of glutamine, a natural stimulant in the body. When you stop drinking, your body tries to make up for lost time by producing extra glutamine, which keeps you from entering deep sleep. Your chemical balance is off - The diuretic effects of alcohol can also reduce your magnesium & potassium levels, contributing to exhaustion. FEVER-LIKE ACHES You're experiencing inflammation - In response to alcohol, our liver releases cytokines. Cytokines are what make you feel feverish and achy when you have the flu. PoOR MUSCLE FUNCTION Your chemical balance is off - The diuretic effects of alcohol cause you to expel potassium and salts needed for proper muscle and nerve functioning. NAUSEA Your stomach feels irritated/ poisoned - Alcohol is absorbed directly through the stomach and too much alcohol can cause stomach irritation. Alcohol also encourages the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which eventually tells your brain you need to vomit. SOURCES: ClarityeWay The Daily Mail (Boris Tabakoff, University of Colorado), LiveScience, Medical News Today, HowStuffWorks, The Atlantic, Market Watch Find your path to recovery

The Science Behind Your Hangover

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What makes a bad hangover really bad? Is it mixing liquors, drinking too much champagne or is it the ever famous rule: "Beer before liquor, never been sicker"? Learn about the science behind your han...


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