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30 minutes to a longer life: How exercise reduces your risk of premature death

30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE THE KEY TO A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU Across the globe, children and adults are more physically inactive than ever before. But regular exercise is not just good for your health. Only 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week can improve your mood, sleep quality, brain power, attention span, social life and overall happiness. Learn how. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ON THE DECLINE USA UK ZN Dropped 32% between 1965 Dropped 20% between 1961 about of adults worldwide 31% were insufficiently and 2009 and 2005 active as of 2008 Expected to drop Expected to drop 14% more by 2030 15% more by 2030 INACTIVITY IS DANGEROUS 9% of premature deaths globally are because of physical inactivity THAT'S 5.3 MILLION AVOIDABLE DEATHS EACH YEAR! INACTIVITY LEADS TO of breast and colon cancers 21-25%. .......... ........ 27% of diabetes 30% of ischaemic heart disease OBESITY HAS BECOME AN EPIDEMIC 30% of children are obese The obese pay Average persons pay Os VS. sOs 42% more in health costs per year IN 2008, THE COST OF ILLNESS ATTRIBUTED TO PHYSICAL INACTIVITY IN THE U.S., CHINA, INDIA AND THE U.K. WAS $200 BILLION 30 MINUTES TO WEIGHT LOSS What you'll burn in 30 minutes (155-lb person) Walking, 3.5 mph: Stretching/Hatha Yoga: Vigorous weight-lifting: Stationary bicycling: 149 CALORIES 149 CALORIES 223 CALORIES 260 CALORIES EVEN GAMES BURN CALORIES! BILLIARDS: 93 CALORIES BOWLING: 112 CALORIES FRISBEE: 112 CALORIES GOLF: 112 CALORIES Elliptical trainer: Swimming, breaststroke: 335 CALORIES 372 CALORIES (While carrying clubs) BENEFITS OF A 10% WEIGHT LOSS: 4-10 fewer months with hyper- YAY cholesterolemia (high cholesterol) 6-20 fewer months with type 2 diabetes 14-35 fewer months with hypertension Reduce expected lifetime incidence of stroke by 1-13 CASES PER 1,000 2-7 MONTHS INCREASED LIFE EXPECTANCY $2,200-$5,300 reduced lifetime medical costs related to the three diseases mentioned in this section = $250 %3D 30 MINUTES TO A BETTER MOOD & HAPPIER OUTLOOK EXERCISE IMPROVES MOOD FOR UP TO 12 HOURS AFTERWARD 5 minutes exercising in a natural setting can significantly improve mood and self-esteem PHYSICALLY ACTIVE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE LESS LIKELY TO: 35 MIN. FAST WALKING D X 5 DAYS/WEEK Enter into risky sexual behavior smoke Significant improvement on mild/moderate depression Use drugs Become pregnant 30 MINUTES TO BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER Cognitive decline is 22.5% faster for the obese and those suffering from such illnesses as high cholesterol and high blood pressure LSב EXERCISE PROMOTES NEUROGENESIS, THE FORMATION OF NEW BRAIN CELLS MODERATE EXERCISE 150 min OR VIGOROUS EXERCISE 75 min per week per week RESULTS IN 65% BETTER MAKES YOU 65% LESS LIKELY TO FEEL SLEEPY DURING THE DAY 45% LESS LIKELY TO HAVE TROUBLE SLEEP QUALITY CONCENTRATING WHILE TIRED PHYSICALLY ACTIVE YOUTH: 15% 40% HIGHER MORE LIKELY TO GO TO COLLEGE EARN 7-8% MORE MONEY THROUGH LIFE TEST SCORES SO MUCH CAN BE GAINED FROM ONLY 30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE A DAY, SO GET UP AND GET MOVING 5 DAYS A WEEK! TRIBESPORTS In association with Sources Report.pdf Report.pdf :)

30 minutes to a longer life: How exercise reduces your risk of premature death

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Only 30 minutes of exercise a day can make big changes on your health, sleep quality, brain power, social life and overall happiness.


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