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How to Get All the Benefits of Eating Meat (on a Vegan Diet)

5 HEALTHROOM HOW TO GET ALL THE BENEFITS ON A OF EATING MEAT VĒGAN DIET The science shows that every beneficial substance found in animal products can also be found in plants. What follows is a complete guide to getting all the healthy things found in meat, on vegan diet. Only with less adverse effects on your health, the environment, and other species. 1. Protein 2. Vitamin K2 Needed For: Growth, repair, and as a fuel source. Needed For: Found In: Blood clotting, bone health, heart health. • Nuts, seeds, pseudo grains, legumes, protein powders. Found In: • Aim for >0.8 g per kg of body weight, roughly 10-15% Some K1 in leafy greens is converted to K2. of total calories K2 is found in natto or in supplement form (with recommendations between 50-1000 mcg). 3. lodine 4. Vitamin D Needed For: Hormone production in the thyroid gland. Needed For: Found In: Bone health, immune function, heart health and sleep. Sea vegetables: nori, wakame and kelp. • Kelp supplements and iodine drops (RDA of 150 mcg) Found In: Produced by skin from sunlight exposure (>15 min/day) Vegan D3 supplements are available, with the RDA ranging from 600-7000 IU (I take 2500 IU). 5. Creatine Needed For: 6. Vitamin B12 Can increase power output and improve brain function. Found In: Needed For: Vegan creatine suplements (3-5g a day) Nervous system health, DNA synthesis, metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids. • Be wary of heavy metal contamination and unknown long-term side effects. Not considered essential. Found In: Small amounts in algal sources (e.g spirulina). 7. Iron Methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin supplements. Recommended daily dose of 250 mcg. Needed For: Haemoglobin formation and oxygen transportation 8. Calcium Found In: Dark chocolate, seeds, nuts, legumes and leafy greens. Needed For: Non-heme iron supplements (RDA 8.7 mg for men, 14.8 for women). Go for wholefoods when possible. Supporting skeletal structure, nerve transmission, muscle function, and hormonal secretion. Found In: Leafy greens, legumes, nuts & seeds (1000 mg/day) 9. Saturated Fat Supplements are available but do not promote bone health and may contribute to heart disease. Needed For: • Small amounts help with hormone function and nutrient absorption (RDA is <20-30 g). 10. DHA & EРА Found In: Nuts and seeds. Needed For: • Also present in refined oils (coconut, olive oil etc) • Long chain omega-3 fatty acids needed to maintain brain health and normal hormone production. but better consumed in a whole food sate. Found In: • Some short chain ALA in flaxseeds & walnuts is 11. Good Bacteria converted by body to DHA/ Algal based supplements are available (250 mg/day). Needed For: • Digestion, gut health, and cognitive function. Found In: 12. Taurine Fermented food: sauerkraut, kimchee, miso, kombucha. • Vegan probiotics are available. Avoid antibiotics unless neccessary and eat lots of fibre to promote gut health. Needed For: An amino-sulfonic acid involved in bile production, heart health, insulin sensitivity & immune modulation. Found In: 13. Carnitine Usually produced in ample amounts by the body. Vegan taurine supplements are available if you have a genetic disorder inhibiting production. Needed For: • A non-essential amino acid involved in fat metabolism, also acts as an antioxidant. Found In: 14. Arachidonic Acid • Produced in the body through the combination of other amino acids and micronutrients. Carnitine supplements are available if you have a genetic disorder inhibiting production. Needed For: Cell signalling, vasodilation & triggering the inflammatory response. Found In: 15. Cholesterol Synthesized from linoleic acid, found in nuts & seeds. Over consumption can promote inflammation. Needed For: • Cell structure, vitamin D and steroid hormone production, bile formation & nervous system function. Found In: Produced in the body. • Institute of Medicine: there is no evidence for a biological requirement for dietary cholesterol. OVER TO YOU 1. Share your thoughts! Leave a comment on the article or drop me an email at [email protected] to share your thoughts! If you like what you read, share the article on Twitter or Facebook 2. Spread the word! with your friends! 3. Eat some plants! Be safe in the knowledge that you can thrive on a vegan diet if you do it properly. E HEALTHROOM

How to Get All the Benefits of Eating Meat (on a Vegan Diet)

shared by healthroom on Feb 24
A complete guide to getting all the beneficial nutrition found in meat, via plant based sources. All the potential pros, only with less adverse side effects on your health, the environment, and the o...


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