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Health Benefits of Gaming

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF GAMING DEMOGRAPHICS OF GAMING: WHO'S GAMING? 40% 62% 58% 60% Britain Sweden America Finland 57% France 40% 40% Spain Portugal TI TI TT EUROPE USA UK 91% OF AMERICANS AGED 2-17 PLAY VIDEO GAMES! GAMERS' PARENTS WEIGH IN say games encourage 58% children to develop skills say games provide mental stimulation or education 71% play games with children for health and fitness 20% GAMING GETS ACTIVE One in five games released in 2011 were active video games FROM то 2002 2007 Motion-sensing tech is boosting active gaming only 5% were active JUST DACE 5th highest-selling video game in 2012 in the US US active games sales generated $750 million in 2012 58% who start playing active video games also begin new fitness activities like walking, jogging or tennis 68% who play active video games say they're more physically active since they started ARE GAMERS FEELING THE BURN? Estimated calories burned every 30 minutes of exer-gaming with systems like Wii Sports, Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move... 93 117 135 Golf Bowling Baseball 159 216 Tennis Boxing Calories burned every 30 minutes of real sport... 120 191 Walking Ping-Pong 215 239 Shooting Baskets Tennis HEART PUMPING VS BUTTON PUSHING INACTIVE GAMING VS WII SPORTS 60 % more 156% more 15 energy expenditure than resting energy expenditure than resting 15 MIN MIN AVERAGE HEART RATE DURING 85 130 118 131 ВРМ ВРМ ВРМ ВРМ Static ii Xbox Kinect Xbox Kinect Gaming Sports Dance Central Sports Boxing THE AVERAGE UK GAMER SPENDS 12.2 HOURS GAMING PER WEEK If only playing Wii Sports,they'd burn 40% more than And the equivalent stationary gaming of about 10 1830 calories Krispy Kremes per week WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TURN UP THE HEAT? The number of calories burnt 250 during 30 mins of aggressive Wii Sports.. 200 150 100 50 Boxing Tennis Bowling KNOCKING OUT THE CALORIES LENGTH OF TIME SPENT WII BOXING ACCORDING TO EACH SNACK: 8 MIN 19 MIN 21 MIN 22 MIN 1 BOWL OF KALE CHIPS 1 HOSTESS 1 SLICE OF 42G OF GUMMY WORMS 140 CAL TWINKE DOMINOES PIZZA 58 CAL 150 CAL 160 CAL 22 MIN 40 MIN 45 MIN 47 MIN 1 PEPPERONI ноT РОСКЕТ 56G JACK LINKS 20FLOZ OF 6 OREO BEEF JERKY MOUNTAIN DEW COOKIES 160 CAL 290 CAL 320 CAL 340 CAL ХВОX KINECT BOXING... burns 5.1 kcal/min 194% more calories than static gaming 70% higher average heart rate than resting effect could weigh up to 7lb per week for average UK gamer BEYOND FITNESS: GAMING AND THE BODY THINK GAMERS ARE ALL THUMBS? THINK AGAIN! Surgeons who played video games 3+ hours per week... made 37% fewer errors were 27% faster scored 42% higher overall Stroke patients who play active games like Wii or Xbox Kinect... are 5x likelier to regain arm function than those in traditional physical therapy show 14.7% improvement in grip strength show 20% improvement in standard task completion EISURE DIRECT Serious Fun- Sources

Health Benefits of Gaming

shared by OliArchibald on Feb 04
For years, video games were largely associated with a slacker lifestyle. But with the emergence of revolutionary consoles like the Nintendo Wii, gaming is converging with the world of health and fitne...


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