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Preparing for a Natural Disaster

ww Preparing for a WM Natural Disaster A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard like flooding volcanic eruptions, tsunams, earthquakes. avalanches, blicards, hurricanes, tornadoes or wildfires. Most expensive Natural Disasters Global Natural Disaster Death Toll 5 Milon Milions of Dolars I Volcaric Eruptions 200 250 50 100 150 IFlood Hurricane Earthquake & tsunami, Japan 2011 4 Mion Tsunami Kobe earthquake, Japan 1995 I Tomado Hurricane Katrina US 2005 I Earthquake Northridge earthquake, US 1994 3 Milion з мноn Sichuan earthouake China 2008 Irpinia earthquske, Raly 1980 Humicane Andrem, US 1992 Yangtze River foods, China 1938 2 Milion Great Floods, US 1993 1 Milion River floods, China 1996 Drought. US 1988 Hurricane ke, US & Caribbean 2008 1700 1800 1900 2000 - Insured Loss - Economic LOSS The 2011 tsunami and earthquake cost Japan over $200 Million 14 Thousand Between 1930 and 1940, over Humcanes in the 1970s killed approRmetely 4 Million 471 Thousand and resulted in the death of over people in Pakistan ind China were killed by flooding in China human lives US Declared Disasters There were 87 disasters declared in the US in 2010 Texas leads the US with Rhode island is the safest with 86 100 dedared disasers decared disasters 75 50 25 1950 1965 1980 1995 2010 Least Most Major types of Disasters Tornado & Hurricane O Go to the lowest point in your Flood & Tsunami Earthquake O Get underneath something S0oure ike a door way on O Ercuate if safe and possible house. Basements are ideal Watch O Get to high ground out for flooding during a hunicane. sturdy table. O Don't waik through flood water. Six inches is enough to take you of your feet. O Be able to bum off the gas to your home O Check for gan leaks after an earthquske O Expect aftershocks O if your car stals in weter, abandon it O Stay away from windows and keep them closed Survive a disaster in 6 steps 4 Protect Check it out 6 Communicate After a disaster check out your sumoundings nd make sure they are secure. Identify damaged gas, ater. sewag and electrical Ines. Report damage to the city or county 1 Secure it 2 Make a Plan 3 Disaster Kit 5 Prepare your home by securing TVS. book shetves and comput ers. Make sure your home is structuraly sound by having your foundation inspected. Make an evacuation and reunion plan for you and your famiy include an out at state t Tum on your portable radio for advisories Contact your out of state contact to report your famly's status and your Insurance agent there is damage to your home. nclude food, water. flashights, portable radios, batteries, a fiest aid kit, cash extra Get in a safe place. During a flood or huricane get to tigher n emergency contact and where to find emergency supples. ground. During an earthauake get under something secure. medications, a whistle, fire extinguisher. There should be enough for each family member How to a make a 72 hour survival kit SURVIVAL PACK SOUP 1 kit for each family member that can last 72 hours PERSONAL SARDINES Bedding and Clothing Documents & Money Food and Water Fuel and Light Equipment Personal Supplies O Protein/Granola Bars DChange of Clothing short and long OBattery Lighting O Can Opener OFirst Ad Kit O Legal Documents (Birth/Marriage Certificates, Wils, Passports. Contracts Trail Mi/Dried Fruit Crackers/Cereals (Flashighes, Lamps, etc) O Dishes/Utensis O Toletries sieeved shirts, pants. jackets socks, etc. O Canned Tuna, Beans, OExtra Batteries O Radio (with batteries D Mini hand sanitizer etc) Turkey, Beef, Vienna OUndergaments Sasages, etc OFlares O Pen and Paper OSoap O vaccination Papers O Rain Coat/Poncho Blankets and Emer gency Heat ilankets that keep in wamthi Cloth Sheet O Canned Juice OCandies O Immunieations up to date Onsurance Polices O Candy Gum OLighter O Pocket Knife O Cash O Medication (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, chidren's medication, etc) OWater (1 Gallon/4 OWaterproof Matches O Rope O Credit Card O Plastic Sheet Liters Per Person O Duct Tape O Pre-Paid Phone Cards O Prescription Medica tion (for 3 days) SOURCES http://wiki people_died_duning the_taunamiinlapan 2011-en wkipediaong/wik infographic brought to you by /i at_ot_natural_dinten_by_death_tol-http// wwfema goy'newn/dinanter_tatain_arnual femar htmehttp:/www.aarthquakecountryint/roota/aevenatapa htmitpd bout comyad/preparedneaatoodutoragaa/72hour khtmta www.fema geuplanyprepare/ktiocation ahtmttvol l nia org/atormy/aada htmehttp/www.fema govharardaarthquaka/eq_utteram Created by

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

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A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard like flooding, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, avalanches, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes or wildfires.


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