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Are You Ready for a Natural Disaster?

ARE YOU READY FOR A NATURAL DISASTER? PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERS (AND YOURSELF) FROM THESE 6 DISASTERS Natural disasters affect all parts of the U.S. It's important for your customers as well as your business to be prepared. Never underestimate the dangers of extreme weather WHICH DISASTERS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS? WEATHER RELATED FATALITIES: 10-YEAR AVERAGE (2003-2012) 120 ..ll 100 80 60 40 20 Flood Tornado Winter Wind Lightning Heat Hurricane DETAILS OF DISASTERS AND THE AREAS WHERE THEY ARE MOST PREVALENT BLIZZARD C FLOOD HURRICANE Source: USA Today Source: USA Today Source: National Hurricane Center TORNADO * EARTHQUAKE WILDFIRE Source: USA Today Source: US Geological Survey Source: USA Today BLIZZARD FACT: 70% of snow-related injuries happen in vehicles. TIP: For cold nights, stock up on Enviro-Logs and Calico Brands' Scripto 2in1 Dual Flame Utility Lighter. ....... FLOOD .... ... FACT: A car can be easily carried away by two feet of floodwater. TIP: Intova's flashlights are waterproof up to 400 feet, and some have three settings: bright, dim and strobe. HURRICANE FACT: 90% of hurricane deaths result from storm surges. TIP: Secure a home's roof to the rest of the structure with Simpson Strong-Tie's Hurricane Ties. •..... ........ TORNADO FACT: Tornadoes can last from several seconds to more than an hour. TIP: A flashlight is always at hand with the Blackout Preparedness Kit, which hangs on a bed rail. EARTHQUAKE FACT: Only 4 states didn't have an earthquake between 1975 and 1995–Florida, lowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin. TIP: Etón's ZoneGuard radio issues weather alerts and can monitor up to 25 different locations. WILDFIRE FACT: A wildfire can move at speeds up to 14 miles per hour. TIP: Use Firebreaker Spray System to cover cellulose material at the start of fire season. •..... Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce;; National Geographic; Prediction Center/NOAA; U.S. Geological Survey ..... INDUSTRY EDGE STAY AHEAD OF YOUR CUSTOMERS' NEEDS Cold Rip Currents Source: National Weather Service

Are You Ready for a Natural Disaster?

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Preparation is key when severe weather is in the forecast. Make sure you are prepared for the six most common types of extreme weather in the U.S. with these helpful tips and facts.


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