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When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Beyond Lemonade

LEMON AIDE Alternative Uses of Lemon DISCOVER THEM! 01 nonstick agent tenderizing chicken and fish 02 Put a few lemon wedges on the grill before roasting your fish. Add it to your marinades. 03 att purpose cteaner Mix the juice of several lemons with the same amount of water and it's ready to use! 04 anti oxidizing agent Squeeze a few lemon drops over slices of apple and pear to prevent them from browning. 05 natural fertilizer Use lemon peel to fertilize your garden. 06 home remedy for sore throats MIx lemon juice with honey and add to your tea. 07 deodorizer Half a lemon or lemon juice can neutralize bad smells in your kitchen. 08 brightening your nails Use lemon as a home remedy to brighten stained or dull nails. 09 10 polisher for certain metals eee Restore old cutlery by mixing lemon juice in water. a touch of flavor Lemon peel adds extra flavor to your cakes or flans. skin care It's believed that rubbing lemon wedges on elbows or knees lightens your skin. 11 THERE'S MORE TO LEMONS RICA VIDa THAN LEMONADE!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Beyond Lemonade

shared by quericavida on Aug 14
Whoever said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” seriously shortchanged the lemon. This incredibly versatile fruit is the culinary equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. We all know that lemon...


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