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Food Safety Tips for Meat and Poultry

FOOD SAFETY MEAT 92.9 billion Ibs. The meat and poultry industry produced over 92.9 billion pounds of product in 2012. Each year 1 in 6 Americans gets food poisoning 22% of cases were due to meat and poultry The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) carries out responsibilities under the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA).* *EMIA established regulations to ensure meat and meat products are processed under safe conditions. According to the USDA, facilities producing certain beef and poultry products must meet strict regulations to combat foodborne illnesses. - 140°. FSIS maintains that the "Danger Zones" for bacteria in meats is bet ween 40 and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. - 120° – 100° - 80° - 60° Why? – 40° At these temperatures bacteria multiply rapidly – 20° Meat cannot remain at 80-120 F for longer than 1.5 hours - 0° Meat cannot remain between 40-80 for longer than 5 hours DID YOU KNOW? Data loggers help track temperatures as food is processed and transported, halting the potential birth and spread of pathogens. Meat temperature is tracked using data loggers at every step of production, including: Cooking Cooling Storage Freezing Shipping Displaying How can you prevent foodborne illness at home? When cooking... Wash hands, Refrigerate Keep plates separate Cook foods using a food thermometer utensils and cooked meats for surfaces often up to 5 days After cooking meat or poultry, the internal temperatures should rest at: 20° 40° 60° 80° 100° 120° 140° 160° Fresh Beef Ground Meat Chicken, Turkey 145 for 3 minutes 160-165 165 Sources: fact-sheets/meat-preparation/beef-from-farm-to-table/ MADGETECH EENationalPositions WE BUILD DATA LOGGERS Profitable Internet Marketing

Food Safety Tips for Meat and Poultry

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As we attend gatherings during the holiday season, it is essential to review food safety guidelines in order to ensure that all of the food being prepared this year is done so correctly. Failing to co...




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