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Shedding Light on Solar Panels

SHEDDING LIGHT ON SOLAR PANELS SOLAR PANELS HARVEST SUNLIGHT SOLAR PANELS CREATE ENERGY BY: Collecting sunlight through photovoltaic cells Absorbing photons when sunlight hits the cells Creating an electric current when photons transfer energy DID YOU KNOW? Enough sunlight hits the Earth in 1.5 hours to power the world for a year! SOLAR PANELS OFFER YOU GREAT BENEFITS Homeowners can benefit from solar panel installation through: %24 V Lower electric bills $. V Increased property value V Federal tax credits SOLAR PANELS ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Sunlight is an ideal energy source because it is: FREE RENEWABLE V CLEAN SOLAR PANELS HAVE MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS Solar panels can be used to power systems like your home's: ELECTRIC WATER HEATER POOL HEATER SOLAR PANELS BENEFIT SOME HOMES MORE THAN OTHERS You may gain more from solar panel installation if the surface: Is south-facing V Has minimal shading V Has few obstructions Provided by: Solar Lights & More SOLAR ENERGY IS FREE! www.SOLARLIGHTSANDMORE.COM Sources:

Shedding Light on Solar Panels

shared by BrittSE on May 31
So much sunlight hits the Earth that just an hour and a half would be long enough to power the entire world for a full year! Learn about solar panels by looking at this infographic.


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