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Solar Power Generator

OWN SOLAR MAKE YOUR POWER GENERATOR Making a solar power generator isn't nearly as expensive or as difficult as you might expect. Here is a surprisingly simple beginner's guide to making your very own. This is a perfect project for schools, environmentalists and anyone looking to shave some money off their energy bills. YOU WILL NEED ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS 1. 000.0 4. 1. SOLAR PANEL This is the component that converts solar energy into electrical energy. Recommended specifications: Cell type: Monocrystalline Output power Pmax: 40Wp (2x 20Wp) Upm: 17.2V Dimensions (mm): (592 x 641 x 25) open, (296 x 641 x 50) folded 2. CHARGE CONTROLLER 000.0 This regulates the amount of charge going into or out of the battery. It prevents the battery from overcharging and sending a surge of electricity to your inverter. 00 3. DEEP CYCLE BATTERY This is a lead-acid battery designed to have its capacity regularly discharged. Perfect for day-to-day use. Its effectiveness will diminish over time and use, however. DANGER: Gassing can occur when it is charged too fast. It produces oxygen and hydrogen. Concentrated hydrogen can explode, so be sure to ventilate the battery. 4. INVERTER This changes your direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Almost all of your household appliances use AC. Inverters increase the DC voltage, and then convert it to AC - they then send it out into the circuit. This one comes with a handy USB socket for your MP3 devices. 5. WIRES We hope you already know what a wire is. 6. WIRE CONNECTORS These are used to safely connect the different wires. A HANDY STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE STEP 1 Connect the inverter to the battery with the wires. Connect the negative wire (1) to the negative pole of the battery first, then the positive (2). 1. 2. STEP 2 Connect the charge controller to the battery (1) and the solar panel (2). Make sure you connect the wire to the negative pole of the battery first, then the positive. 2. 000.0 O0 в STEP 3 Leave the panel outside to charge in the sunlight. Position it so it will be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight. In the morning, the east side of your building will be exposed to the sun. The west side later in the day. Be mindful of other buildings or trees that might block the sun from a particular direction. STEP 4 When charged above 50% capacity, connect your appliances to the inverter and enjoy free solar energy! 51% sO WHAT CAN A FULLY CHARGED GENERATOR ACTUALLY RUN, AND FOR HOW LONG? It will not power the larger or more power-hungry appliances, as the inverter can only provide 150W of power, but it will help power the following: Standard Light Energy Saving Light Bulb -16W: Bulb - 60W: 6 hours 40 mins 25 hours PS4 - 145W (avg rate running game): 15" Colour Xbox One - 120W TV -150W: (avg rate running game): 2 hours 45 mins* 2 hours 40 mins 3 hours 20 mins Laptop Computer - CD or DVD player - 35W: 11 hours 32 mins 50W-75W: 5 hours 20 mins, up to 8 hours Note: battery capacity and output decreases over time and regular use. These figures are approximations based on a new, fully functioning, battery. *As a PS4 +TV would demand above the 150W, you can only run one of the devices from the generator. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please take the following precautions when working with electricity: Do not use frayed Ensure you're using insulated tools only Wear insulated Ensure that rubber gloves and goggles there is no or damaged water nearby components All advice comes from the experts at Rapid Online. 00 00

Solar Power Generator

shared by MediaworksUK on May 17
A guide to making your own solar power generator which delves into what materials are needed and how to piece them together. It also takes a close look at how to charge it up and finishes with a list ...


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