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Powering Up With PVs 2014: The Future of Solar

POWERING UP WITH PVs 2014: THE FUTURE OF SOLAR There were 140,000 new solar AAAOO000AO installations in the U.S. during AAdA00000O 2013, bringing the total to over AAAO00000 445,000 PV systems operating AA0A O0000รด today. = 10,000 Homes The average price of a solar panel has declined by 60 percent since the beginning of 2011. This year the national average PV installed system price has declined by 15% to $2.59/W 6,000 MW of PV are forecasted to come online this year, which represents 26% growth over 2013's installation totals. 60% -15% 26% In one hour, the sun releases enough energy upon the earth to provide power to the entire earth's population for a whole year. 1HOUR The total amount of fossil fuels used by humans since the beginning of civilization is equivalent to less than 30 days of sunshine. US STATES WITH THE HIGHEST All the energy in the earth's reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas equal just 20 days of energy produced by the sun PV CAPACITY ADDITI ONS B00o000000 Q00 The market value of all PV installations completed in 2013 was $13.7 billion %$$$$ $$$$> $=1 Billion USD There are now 13,000 MW of cumulative solar electric capacity operating in the U.S. That's enough to power more than 2.2 million average American homes. s000000O000000000000 50% OF ALL SOLAR CAPACITY IN CALIFORNIA WAS ADDED IN 2013 IN IN 2014 THE USE OF S OLAR IN AZ WILL SAVE ENOUGH WATER TO FILL 25000 SWIMMING POOLS INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY EPC GN SOLAR www.EPCONSOLAR.COM Source:

Powering Up With PVs 2014: The Future of Solar

shared by EpconSolar on Mar 19
2013 was a record year for solar installations in the U.S.A. This infographic displays some interesting numbers from the 2013 SEIA Solar Market report.


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