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Women in College

Women In College For centuries, women strove for Higher Education and greater equality. Now more women are attending college and bridging the earnings gap between men and women. Consider these demographics: Women vs. Men in US College The number of women attending college after high school have increased compared to men. 71.3% 61.3% The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the college enrollment for 2012 young women young men high school graduates was: In 2010, BLS reported women with Consider the progress already made based on the statistics from full-time jobs had median weekly earnings of $669 while men earned $824. The entry of women in workforce in 1950 -approximately 1 in 3 Higher Education and pay hikes can help bridge this gap. 1950 approximately 1 in 3 The number expected in 2015 approximately 67% Bloomberg Business Week states the gender gap in pay during the 1960's was approximately 40 cents to the dollar. 2015 approximately 67% Women's Role in the Workplace Over the past four decades, radical changes have occurred for women in the workplace. Check out some of these historical strides in favor of women: Recently President Obama's signature for equal pay rights in workplace allowed women to sue within 6 months of receiving a discriminatory paycheck. 1990 1986 Women served for the first time in the Gulf War. Sexual harassment was deemed as employment discrimination by the Supreme Court. 1963 1917 Women won the The Equal Pay Act in 1963 helped boost the 46% right to vote- income women earned The shortage of labor during World War II caused 7 million versus men. women to enter the workforce and 2 million worked in heavy industry. 1862 1765 Congress passed a law to give women federal employees equal pay for equal work. The first women went to work. The first society of working women was The Daughters of Liberty. Federal aid, state grants, scholarships, tuition reimbursement and guaranteed student loans are offered to women to cover Men are not the only ones who support families. Often Single expenses (including Mothers and Single Mothers in College). Mothers are the sole supporters of their children. $25,000 A Forbes article revealed the increased percentage of births outside marriage. Single mothers earn less compared to married couples. 80% of single parent households are headed by single mothers with an income under $25,000 per year. Higher education can boost higher income. Some universities offer support such as residential student -parent programs per year 80% and Mothers Living & Learning at St. Mary in Nebraska. of single parent XA Popular College Majors for Women Popular majors for women are business, education, health - related fields and many more: - Psychology Health Related, Education Visual Arts Science 78.7% 21.3% 77.1% 22.9% 85.4% 14.6% 61.4% 38.6% Fields showing growth according to BLS (as of 2011) are: O Pharmacists O Lawyers OPhysicians O IT - professionals Growing fields (projected for 2016) are: Medical Dental Assistants Assistants Computer Software Engineers Pharmacy Technicians The best way to bridge the gender income gap is to earn a college degree and enter a progressive career. Financial aid, flexible programs and online classes pave the way for a better life. Designed by: Copyright © SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS SCHOLARSHIPSANDGRANTS.US. Info Graphicg DESIGN TEAMU 2.

Women in College

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The overview of the women in college, in the workforce, and popular majors for women.


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