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Who's Wearing the Pants

WHO'S WEARING THE PANTS? Men have been in the driver's seat for thousands of years, but the data suggests that the 21st century may belong to women. Most women in 21st century America have the option of wearing pants if and when they want. Women are increasingly gaining the power of the figurative pants, too-not just in America, but all across the planet. When your grandmother was a girl, it wasn't uncommon for pants to be Girls wore dresses, boys wore pants. forbidden. In early 2010, a major shift quietly took place: For the first time in American history... At college graduation ceremonies... Women made up more of the workforce than men. 3 women were handed a diploma for every 2 men. In traditionally male-dominated countries like S. Korea: Boys to 100 Girls at Birth 116 The preference for boys has quickly evaporated. 112 It's easier for young South Korean men to find a girlfriend now, in fact, because fewer and fewer women since 1990 are choosing to terminate their pregnancy once they find out it's a girl. 108 104 100 "05 06. 96. 00 Here's the really interesting part: VOTES WOMEN FOR Unlike the accomplishments of American feminists during the 19th & 20th centuries, this social shift isn't totally driven by activism. The data suggests that it's more of an organic process, and while there are times when the upward trajectory of women seems to be thrown into reverse, the basic trend shows no signs of hitting the brakes. Compared to their mothers' generation, fewer young women today identify themselves as feminists, possibly because they see no need. While women still make less money than The breadwinners of tomorrow might be men... women... Total Income College Students 35% 65% 57% 43% American women already in the workforce continue to make about 30% less money than men. Women have made up 57% of the population on college campuses since 2000. WHERE ARE WOMEN TAKING OVER? Here's a Hint: Pretty Much Everywhere. BUSINESS 50% more U.S. businesses are women- owned in 2011 than in 1997. Think that all these new businesses run by women are hair salons and daycares? That's a whole lot of growth in just 14 years. Think again. Since 1997, the only industries in which businesses run by women have outpaced the growth of their male counterparts are construction and mining. 1,080,000 businesses are run by women in California. That's 1 woman-owned business for every 37 Californians. EDUCATION The majority of As go to girls. Girls' brains may simply be better equipped to succeed in school. Failing Grade Recipients 30% 70% The prefrontal cortex, critical in human reasoning skills, is not only more active in girls' brains but develops at an earlier age. 70% of the Ds and Fs on report cards go to boys. Master's Degree Recipients The majority of Master's Degrees are now awarded to women. Half of all The achievement gap doesn't medical and law disappear after elementary or high school. 60% 40% degrees are earned by women as well. FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Women are waiting to have children. Women don't necessarily need a man to be happy. 1976 1950 35% of women lived without a spouse. Only 1 in 10 women between the ages of 40 and 2005 44 did not have children. 2011 A college-educated woman between the ages of 25-34 is now in the minority if they already More women than not - 51% - were living single. have a child. "Women's work" is gradually becoming plain old "work," no gender attached. 1965 Believe it or not, research suggests that men are actually happier the more they pitch in around the house. Fathers did less than 5 hours of cooking per week. 2011 Fathers are cooking a third of all meals. The future seems to look rosier for girls. 3 out of 4 American couples that use sex-selection services at fertility clinics are hoping to have a girl rather than a boy. Created By: WWW.EDUCATIONALLEADERSHIP.COM Resources: Women, early-20th_c 07/the-end-of-men/8135/2/

Who's Wearing the Pants

shared by Angel on Dec 28
This infographic how the role of women in the U.S has changed in the 21st century, in a place today where women have more choices, opportunity and in some cases, power. The infographic shows that due ...


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