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Are Women Taking Over

AREWOMEN TAKING OVER?- THE LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF }40% UNIQUE LEADERSHIP EMPLOYED WOMEN WORK IN MANAGEMENT, AND RELATED OCCUPATIONS. CHARAČTERISTICS OF WOMEN WOMEN IN THE U.S. WORKFORCE Q MORE ASSERTIVE AND PERSUASIVE THAN MEN Q HAVE A STRONGER NEED TO GET THINGS DONE O RISK TAKERS WOMEN comprise 46% of the TOTAL 01 U.S. LABOR FORCE (Source: United Sates O EMPATHETIC AND FLEXIBLE – ABILITY TO READ SITUATIONS ACCURATELY AND TAKE IN FROM ALL SIDES Department of Labor, November 2009) WOMEN IN WORKFORCE Source: Caliper, The Qualities That Distinguish Women Leaders, 2005 46% Of the 122 MILLION WOMEN AGE 16 YEARS AND OVER in the U.S.. 72 MILLION, or 59.2 PERCENT, were labor force participants - WORKING OR LOOK- ING FOR WORK. (Source: United Sates Department of Labor, November 2009) The largest percentage of employed women 40% worked in management, professional, and related occupations; 32% worked in sales and office occupations; 21% in service occupations; 5% in production, transporta- 04 tion, and material moving occupations; and 02 59.2% 72 Millión 1% in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations. (Source: United Sates Department of Labor, November 2009) Sales and office Service occupations Production WOMEN ARE PROJECTED TO ACCOUNT FOR Management Natural Resources 51.2% of the increase in total LABOR FORCE 03 growth between 2008 AND 2018 (Source: United Sates Department of Labor, November 2009) 10 MILLION PLUS women-owned businesses in the U.S., 05 only 3% have annual revenue of more than $1 million dollars, compared to 6% of all male-owned businesses. (Source: Center for Women's Business Research Reports) 2018 2008 $1million WORKING MOTHERS 73% 73% OF ALL MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN UNDER 18 WORK. (Source, Women Employed) 67% OF WOMEN WITH CHILDREN 53% 53% OF EMPLOYERS PROVIDE AT LEAST SOME 67% UNDER AGE OF 6 WORK. REPLACEMENT PAY DURING PERIODS OF MA- (Source, Women Employed) TERNITY LEAVE.(Source,, February 2010) 55% 55% OF WORKING WOMEN ARE MARRIED, 25% ARE SINGLE, 20% ARE DIVORCED OR SEPARATED'. (Source, Women Employed) 25% 57% OF WOMEN EARNING LESS 57% THAN $30,000 HAVE CHILDREN UNDER 18. (Source, Women Employed) 20% LEADERSHIP TRAITS: WOMEN RULE! ARE MEN OR WOMEN IN PUBLIC OFFICE BETTER AT... % SAYING THIS TRAIT IS MORE TRUE OF... MEN: WOMEN: MEN: WOMEN: 20% 14% 28% Honest 50% Working out compromises 16% 42% Intelligent 38% Keeping government honest 10% 34% Hardworking Representing your interests Standing up fpr what they believe 18% 16% 28% 28% Decisive 44% 33% 23% 34% Compassionate 5% Ambitious 34% 80% Dealing with social issues 7% 52% Dealing with crime and public safety Outgoing 28% 47% 42% 12% Creative 11% 62% Dealing with national security & defense 54% 7% Source: Pew Research Center Note: Same and don't know responses are not shown Source: Pew Research Center BraveHear OLOBAL CONMUNITY %0% 32% %21% Women Prefomance skills Policy matters

Are Women Taking Over

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Increasingly more and more women are working in the work force and holding higher positions in companies. This infographic provides information about women in the workforce and the contributions they ...


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