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How to Win the Job

Job Hunting How to Win the Office Job The election season is gearing up as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney vie for America's top job: President of the United States. Not every job hunt will be this dramatic, but there are still plenty of tips you can take from these presidential hopefuls if you want to get [s]elected for your dream job: Networking Networking can be a great way to meet new contacts and sway hearts & minds. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES $. As of June, President Obama had attended 163 fundraisers for his campaign. 24 In August 2012 alone, Mitt Romney $4$ attended 36 campaign events and fundraisers. JOB CANDIDATES Networking events can be great places to meet valuable contacts and to discover hidden job opportunities. Rubbing elbows with the right contacts isn't always cheap. It could cost you $50 or more at a networking event. Join talent communities and network across great distances to find great opportunities and share knowledge. Social Media Social media is the wave of the future, and both job seekers and presidential candidates are embracing it – one status update at a time. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES 62% of voters expect candidates to have a social media presence 69% 88% of those in the 18-34 age bracket also expect candidates to have a of Internet users in 2011 social media presence received most of their election news online 28 FACEBOOK- LIKES The Obama campaign published 614 posts in a twO-week period ( in millions ) Both campaigns managed two posts per day on Facebook The Obama campaign averages 29 tweets per day. JOB CANDIDATES of job seekers spend their time hunting for jobs online 30% 29% use social media as their primary job search tool of U.S. companies are using social media to recruit employees 92% One in six job seekers found their last job through a social network You can use social media to connect with hiring managers & employers to show your grasp of industry-related issues. Employers ranked social media a 7 out of 10 for ways to find candidates Getting on Video Seen a campaign commercial recently? Candidates for office love getting on video. Job candidates ( and hiring managers ) are also embracing the visual medium. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES 10 You Tube В.О. 13% 0 8 videos posted this summer M.R. 24% of 2008 voters 67% ages 18-34 watched online political videos Percentage of social media communication that was video JOB CANDIDATES Create a video resume of a first impression is – based on nonverbal to make a strong 55% first impression, develop a more personal connection, and allow cues 11 12 1 10 First impressions are 21 employers to see you more clearly earlier in the hiring process. formed within 7 to 17 -9 3. seconds .8 4. Know Your Talking Points All politicians know the value of a good debate. Job seekers should look at their interviews as debate settings and come in with talking points ready. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Televised presidential debates can have a big impact on voters. There were 17 Republican debates before the 2012 New Hampshire primary. In 2000, televised debates In 2008, John McCain and Obama had 3 debates lasting an average of 4.5 hours. gave George W. Bush a 12% bump. JOB CANDIDATES 12 1 *10 21 The average length of an in-person interview is 40 minutes -9- 3- 4. 7 6 5 Whether an interview is in person or through online video, it's important to BE PREPARED! Know your talking points: What value do you bring to the company? What can you do better than anyone else? Be confident and poised: Even in video interviews, employers can see you sweat. Keep answers brief: Don't ramble.Think sound bites, like presidential candidates. spark Hire %24 %24 SOURCES:

How to Win the Job

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Not everyone wants to run for president, but, everyone should treat the job search process like they are running for president. This infographic will go over the campaign tactics of presidential candi...


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